Main Floor Remodel.

Remodeling family homes are tricky. It means to know and learn the needs of YOUR family, and to aim to transform each space to fit your family, rather than sticking with what you’ve always known. It’s really difficult to move beyond the “what if it looked like this?” or “what if this wall moved here, so we could have this?” type of dreaming.  Working through this process with some special friends of Janet’s, Tim & Dawn, was so much fun – and even more rewarding to see it all come together in the end.  The goal was to work within the footprint we had – which meant working around the existing structure. Some internal changes were possible, some were not.  And with no plans to touch the basement level, the entire main floor was open to discussion.  

Before Photos

The existing floor plan as a whole was pretty choppy. Our remodeling goal list was:

  • larger kitchen open to the dining/living space
  • designated office
  • separate laundry room that could be closed off when guests were present
  • mudroom/drop zone for coats and shoes
  • larger master suite with a walk-in shower and closet
  • guest room
  • second full bath with a tub/shower combo
  • as much storage space as possible
  • general aesthetic update

While it took some design hours to make all of that happen, we pulled it off! And wow — what a transformation! This project was one of the most rewarding we’ve ever done and it makes it even more special to help create a space for this family we love so much.

After Photos

As with all projects, the aim is to create a space that our client loves to live in. Here are some encouraging words from Dawn that were exactly what we want to hear after a project!

I’m still amazed/pleased, one year later, that Tim and I still say we wouldn’t change a thing! We are very pleased on the layout and Janet’s design and the quality of cabinets.  It functions very well for our family. We are very thankful for the help of the Louisa Jane team & process and we both know that having professional help was immensely important and made this renovation very smooth to have assistance all the way through, from conception to reality! My favorite thing is how I can see all the way through the house with tons of natural light.  It’s very open but very cozy! We are loving it!

– Dawn

We just want to thank this wonderful couple again for allowing us to dream alongside them and tailor their home to their own unique needs and style. It has been nothing short of an honor for us!

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