A Christmas Dream.

Basically, a house fit for Mrs. Claus herself, right on Grandview Drive.

All the heart eyes for this project – which happened to be the most fun we have had with a collaboration in a very long time! If you receive the Heights Life Magazine, then you saw our featured article with Ashley Wurzer!

We feel honored to be featured, and even more honored to have been chosen to decorate this lovely home on Grandview Drive. The lovely teal and brown tones, mixed with the angelic pinks for Christmas, made this apartment feel so cozy and inviting for the holidays.

Here’s how it happened:

Ashley called several months ago, looking for a design team to help her with this cute house she purchased in the Heights.  The Wurzer family lives and works in Chicago, but with family living here and the area being Ashley’s childhood home, they come back and visit a lot and wanted a permanent place to stay! 

Decorating a house long-distance was something Ashley didn’t want to tackle alone, so the LJ team got the honor of working with her and her mom to make this the cutest little cottage on Grandview Drive.  What an adorable retreat it’s turning out to be – especially for Christmas!  Ashley has fabulous taste herself and working with her these last months has been so much fun!  We wanted to maintain the vintage charm that the house itself brought to the table, so working in some modern touches to pair with Ashley’s collection of antique furniture pieces has been seriously rewarding. She is always up for new ideas and, being a mama to three to the cutest little girls you ever saw, we are amazed that she is still one of the most energetic people we know! We’ve become fast friends, and that’s the best of all. We’re still working on finishing touches, so stay tuned for final pics of this cute little home in the Heights!  

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