A Day Free of Labor.

Just us here at Louisa Jane, hoping everyone had a blessed Labor Day weekend.

And because you just had a day off work, we thought you might want to know some facts about the holiday you just celebrated. After all, we learned quite a bit ourselves.

  1. Although the end of Summer is September 21st, Labor Day is the “unofficial” end of Summer. Don’t cry though – we are all ready to bust out our Fall candles!
  2. On Tuesday, September 5th, 1882, the first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City at Union Square.
  3. In 1887, Oregon was the first state to recognize it as an official holiday. If Illinois wanted to create a Labor Day in the spring as well, we wouldn’t complain.
  4. The first week of September was chosen to celebrate the holiday because it was in the middle of 4th of July and Thanksgiving. Interesting – but a nice break!
  5. Labor Day is actually a super common day for babies to be born. Apparently Moms take the name of the holiday a little differently than everyone else.
  6. On Instagram, the #LaborDay hashtag has been used 1, 457, 057 times. We think #LouisaJane should beat that.
  7. In the 19th century, the average work day was 12 hours long, and children as young as 5 years old worked in factories!
  8. Curious how many of you like hotdogs? Some of us at the office are NOT fans. However, Labor Day also marks the end of “Hot dog season” – which apparently exists from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  9. President Grover Cleveland, a name you don’t hear of too often, was the one to sign Labor Day into law by 1894.
  10. In the design department, an old saying went “don’t wear white after Labor Day”.  This existed some time ago when summer clothes were bright, and winter clothes were not so. However, have no fear. White is okay for every season.

And with that, we are back in the work week! We hope to see you at the store – come in and say hi!


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