A Magnificent Master Remodel.

You need to see this.

When a couple with a sense of adventure and experience in construction invite some designers onto the scene, magic happens. And that is exactly what happened in the case of this master suite.


This remodel was quite the journey, but such a rewarding one!  The back section of the suite was a room addition many years ago, that while sporting a large walk-in closet, was never utilized beyond some overflow space off the master bedroom.  So, dreaming began and we tossed around two different designs! One for a sitting room complete with a cozy fireplace and the other a dreamy master bath.  After much discussion and debate, the master bath won out and WOW – it totally changed things! See for yourself!

We have found that existing elements can be some of the most frustrating or mind-boggling features to work into a new design. While most of us have a vision of the end result we’re shooting for, sometimes the largest obstacles are the things we can’t change, even when we realllly want to. But, then again, that is the appeal of working in design: being pushed to think creatively, to try something new, and to work with what you have.

One of those challenges in this project was the window placement/design.  The architecture of the house had its own charm that we weren’t trying to undo, but pulling it together took some thought. These sweet clients are some of the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of working with. And on top of that, especially because of their background in construction, they were willing to tackle just about anything!  After much discussion on practicality, that is. In the end, we love the detail around the windows and can’t express how amazing it was to see the design come together after all of the planning, dreaming, and discussion. 


So cheers to the two of you who get to enjoy soaks in the tub, the light coming through the windows, and all the pretty things!  We feel blessed to have had a part in it!

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