A Wonderful Christmas Market.

2021 should be in a week. We already celebrated Christmas.

You all BLEW US AWAY this past weekend. When we said Creative Christmas Market, we knew it would be full of fun vibes and bright, happy colors, but what we did not know was how much joy you would bring through our doors. When we opened on Thursday evening, the line was DOWN THE STREET. WHAT. We were so humbled by your excitement.

The rest of the weekend passed in a Christmas blur – with Pentatonix playing, pots of greens and berries being curated outside, sun shining, and lots of conversation. We are so thankful for each of you who stopped in, and we are so excited knowing that so many of you will be giving a piece of LJ away on Christmas morning, not to mention your trees being adorned with LJ vibes. We hope everyone who came by on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, left feeling blessed, thankful, and totally in the Christmas spirit. Why? Because we sure did!

A big thanks to you all, and a happy holiday season!

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