An Amazing Harvest Market.

WOW. One word to sum up last weekend.

We can not express our feelings of gratitude after this market – fitting, as we are nearing the Thanksgiving season. You all showed up BIG. We were in awe ALL THREE DAYS.

We were all a little nervous to host this market only in the studio. These times have been weird for all of us, and this Harvest Market was no different. Small spaces, less inventory, and social distancing…how would it work?!

But you all are THE BEST EVER. There was a line down the street Thursday evening on opening night. We even had to stop the line several times to manage how many people were in the store, and you all were so gracious and happy despite all of it. The entire weekend proved this to be true, plus, can we talk about the amazing fall weather that went perfectly with the market?!

A big thanks from all of us at LJ, and especially from Janet. We are so excited to reset our studio for this week with even more NEW product that came in over the weekend! WHAT! The good news just keeps coming. Come on in this week and hang out with us!

God is good. All the time.

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