Art of Accessorizing.

We understand the struggle of accessorizing your home. Especially with a gazillion options out there.

So we thought we could help! Below are a few tips from Louisa Jane – and you are always welcome to pop in and get advice as well! Check out our store and office hours here on the website.
1. Pillows. Pillows are definitely the easiest to add some spark to your room. You can change them seasonally – or just switch them out and reuse the next year. But if you are someone who needs something “new” every-so-often, pillows are definitely for you. They can change as your style changes, and you don’t have to redesign the entire space!
2. Area Rugs. Perhaps our favorite – they can change the entire space. Be sure to start with the rug though – the room will transform from there! We have lots of rugs to choose from here in the office.
3. Books. For the bookworms and ones who are definitely not bookworms – books can add the perfect touch to that spot that you just need to fill in. Plus, they are good for stacking as well, to give some height.
4. Your favorite items. It is okay to display your personal favorite “fill – in – the – blank.” This brings everything together and completes your space with a unique “you” feel. Just be sure to not display ALL your personal favorite items at one time – it can get over done really quick.
5. Greenery. And lastly, do not forget nature. Greenery and flowers are the perfect touch, and there is nothing better than accessorizing your ‘inside’ space, with a little bit of ‘outside’.
Happy accessorizing!

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