Back from Market.

Karl and Janet took on High Point Market in North Carolina last week!

High Point is the furniture capital of the design world, and Janet has been itching to go there for quite some time. High Point makes all the other markets look small, and it truly lived up to it’s stereotype! With huge showrooms, miles of buildings, and super cool places like this old bank that was remodeled into a showroom, the entire place was a dream. Check out that checkered turf and concrete entrance!

This time, Karl accompanied Janet, and was introduced to the market world with a BANG. Karl has never been to market before, so it only made sense he goes to the biggest and best for his first one, right?! Nevermind that they happened to get a flat tire on the way there! The two of them made the most of it, and the rest of us enjoyed the photos we received of their trip. It also happened to be Karl’s birthday weekend…so the two of them made it a longer trip after market was over to celebrate him. Happy Birthday, Karl!

Janet went to High Point Market with several goals – to find more furniture vendors, art vendors, lighting vendors, and rug vendors. The best part? She was BLOWN. AWAY. Each new showroom was like Christmas, and almost every piece of furniture, light, rug, artwork, mirror, and more was out of this world. She made many hard decisions on whether to bring a piece back to Tremont or not, and after a long weekend of shopping till they both dropped, we are excited to say we have huge shipments traveling from North Carolina to Tremont!!

Of course, we will be posting on our social media when we get these shipments in, and we can not wait to celebrate the arrivals of these beauties with all of you. Be on the lookout!

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