A Day in the Life.

A behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at LJ!

It’s 10 o’clock on a Tuesday morning and the double doors on the front of the LJ studio unbolt. The “closed” sign comes out of the window and the door opens. Out pops one of us with an “open” sign. Another day in the studio springs to life.

Candles are lit and lamps clicked on. Soon, shoppers swing in to look at products, try out chairs, smell candles. Some ask for help on designing their homes: samples of rugs and fabric are paired together by a design consultant on the first floor, and then the second floor brings colors and patterns together for a new look. Someone picks out a mug to gift to a friend. Another chooses some floral picks for a new table centerpiece. Creative minds are in their element and each day brings new opportunities to design together. 

As the clients make their way through the columns of pillows and furniture, they find the perfect props to throw a collection of pillows on and step back to imagine it in their own setting. The array of colors and textures again delight the eye as we begin to educate on the options presented, from the variety of fibers, and feels, to sizes and shapes and maintenance. 

This cycle repeats itself throughout the rest of the work week. On Sunday, both the office and studio have the lights out, and we are all enjoying a lovely Sabbath. When Monday morning comes however, things look a little different.

If you would happen to walk into the Louisa Jane office on a Monday morning, you would find the LJ team gathered for a team meeting. We all look forward to the exciting and yummy treats that Reuben finds at random stores and brings for us to enjoy as we connect and plan for the coming week. You would also see the bowl of peppermints on the table decrease by half as we shove them in throughout our meeting. Things get serious! We love starting each week connecting as a team in this way!

And Louisa Jane is much more than the studio, or the storefront, which is what most people see. Wooden furniture and décor are crafted in the LJ warehouse, and all the behind-the-scenes magic that helps our business run effectively happens in the office! We would not be where we are today without our complete team.

Come in soon – we’d love to give you the whole experience! 

Charcuterie Night.

Grab your friends, and leave your kids. This is a night for YOU. Louisa Jane is SO excited to announce our Charcuterie Night in our new Design Center, above our studio. On July 23rd from 7:00 – 8:30 PM our studio will be lit up and our doors open for 12 of you who want

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Our Studio Vibes.

The Louisa Jane Brick + Mortar has been constantly evolving. While we truly believe every “style” an still be “in-style” with the right touch and flair, the products we have in our studio is ever-changing. Really, that’s how it should be, right? As we evolve, grow, and change as a business, and as the world

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Designing For You.

A behind-the-scenes peek of interior designers. As home designers, we love what we do!  End of story.  Be it a small project or an extensive one, we are committed to designing something fabulous just for you.  We love taking what inspires you, adding that personal touch and making it happen – real time!  Inspiration comes

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Father’s Day.

The role of a father is so important. This coming Sunday is a special day, and we at Louisa Jane want to honor all of the men in our lives and your life, who are fathers. Sunday is a day set aside to honor them, and we could not be more thankful for our own

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5 Interior Design Mistakes.

All mistakes can be turned into lessons, including ones in Design! The goal of effective interior design is to create a home that is attractive, functional, and comfortable. We admit that it can be a challenge to balance these three categories well. But we have found that when this is accomplished, you are left with

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New Design Center

Our newest adventure! We are re-opened, and we have more to show you! While we were closed for the pandemic, we were hard at work in the upstairs of our studio. We recently acquired the space, and we renovated it to be a LOUISA JANE DREAM! We are calling it our design center, and here

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Little Baby Boy.

He’s finally here, and we are so excited! The news we’ve all been waiting for, right?! Our very own Danielle welcomed to the world a little boy, Braxon Creed Onnen, last Monday at 3:29 AM, weighing 10 lbs 2oz and 20.25 inches long. We knew she would be going into labor, as the little guy

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Lighting Your Home.

it can be the hardest design decision to make, and also the most impactful. Although the type of lighting and light fixtures you choose for your home may not be the first aspect of interior design that comes to mind, it plays a key role in setting the overall tone of your home. Lighting is

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