Sydney from Australia.

Plot twist…she’s actually NOT from across the ocean.

Sydney is the newest member of the team, and we decided we’d keep her forever. Her laughter is contagious and she just makes everyday life plain fun. With a smile on her face constantly, you can find her in the studio helping customers or in the office helping Janet. Her favorite part of being on the LJ team is the fun but hard-working atmosphere. Everyone is not afraid to laugh, all the while getting tasks completed.

Sydney starts off each day with a large breakfast – easily her favorite meal of the day! If she could choose an age to live to, it would be 95…habits like a big, healthy breakfast might help with that! Sydney also has a case of wanderlust…she believes everyone should travel outside of the United States at least once in their life, and if money and time were not an issue, Sydney would be traveling constantly. We might not be far behind her with that idea!

According to her, there are two different kinds of people in this world: ones who have a million unread messages/email/notifications, and those who have no new notifications. We find this theory hilarious, and so true! Sydney is always on time – an awesome trait to have.

If Sydney could build a home with unlimited funds, her home would have plenty of room for hosting and inviting others in. All people would feel welcome in the space, and love being there. We love this about Sydney, she makes everyone feel welcome, even in the Studio! So come on in and meet her yourself. She is a gem!

Decorating with Rugs.

In our opinions, rugs add an instant sense of warmth and comfort to any room. We love them. Especially if you have hardwood or tile floors that you are working with, they will soften the look of the room effortlessly. Plus, they are not only fun, but functional as well. Whether you are wanting to

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Design trends of 2021

Five design trends to be exact. Isn’t it interesting how time is defined by trends? When you think about your teenage years, you probably can recall your favorite pants to wear. When you think about your first home, you probably cringe at the color you chose to put on your bedroom walls. When you think

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How To Use Canisters

Canisters are incredibly versatile and serve so many practical purposes. In fact, we are often discovering new ways to use them in home decorating and organization that we hadn’t thought of before, which makes us love them even more! On top of that, there are some gorgeous canisters out there that can really elevate the

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Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Just some ideas for this love-filled day. Giving gifts well is truly an art. Although all gifts are special, there is something especially meaningful about a gift that is thoughtfully assembled, creative, and personal. These gifts have the power to make the receiver feel loved, known, and cared for in special ways, especially on Valentine’s

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Margarete Street Project.

Let’s take a look inside a gorgeous home. Klay and Katie are two of our favorite shoppers at LJ, and better yet, they built this gorgeous home in our hometown which just makes us so happy!  We met Katie first. In fact, Janet met her way back on opening day in 2015 – she was one

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The Atlanta Market.

Always an exciting event. Janet and Brenda traveled down to Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend to shop, shop, shop! This market is always one of our favorites – packed full of amazing pillows, chairs, poufs, lighting, rugs, all things Christmas, and so much more. At Louisa Jane, we are always looking for amazing pieces to

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How to Style a Bed.

Two goals: comfortability and visual appeal. As the bed is the central focus of the bedroom, it is important to take the time to style it well. At LJ, we have found that it can be challenging to furnish your bed in a way that looks intentional, while still being inviting and comfortable. As we

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Main Floor Remodel.

Remodeling family homes are tricky. It means to know and learn the needs of YOUR family, and to aim to transform each space to fit your family, rather than sticking with what you’ve always known. It’s really difficult to move beyond the “what if it looked like this?” or “what if this wall moved here, so

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