How to Arrange Floral Stems

A bouquet of florals is always a good idea.

They instantly lift the mood of any room and highlight the colors of the season so well. There are few things that can top them as a table centerpiece, whether you’re hosting or dressing up your table “just because!” 

Floral arrangements are fun to put together, but they can feel a little intimidating if you don’t have a sense of direction. So here are the steps we follow to produce stunning arrangements every time:

Pick out your vase. The vase will dictate the size of your arrangement, so take that into account when you select it. Go as bold or as simple as you want – there are no rules here!

Build your base. Once you have selected your vase, you can begin to fill it with greens to begin shaping your bouquet. Don’t overfill it, as you want to leave plenty of room for those colorful florals!

Add florals to frame your arrangement. To keep your arrangement full of movement, you’ll want to add some picks that reach and bend a little. This step gives you the power to create the shape you want. You can keep it symmetrical or go for a more trendy, asymmetrical look. 

Place your BIG florals. Now that you have the outline of your bouquet, go ahead and place your biggest picks! Space these out somewhat evenly so that your arrangement is beautiful and full at any angle. 

Finish with adding height. You may need to go back in and add some taller greens and accent florals. You want the arrangement to look balanced in your vase, so keep the height and width of the vase in mind as you place your final stems.

Adjust until you love it! We find that an arrangement usually needs a little tweaking after all of the greens and florals are in it, so feel free to play with it until you are satisfied!

Ultimately, the floral picks are pretty enough to stand on their own, so take a deep breath and have fun with it! OR come on in and do it with us! We love crafting and creating custom arrangements right in our studio.

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