To Market & Home Again

Our trip to the market in Atlanta was another booming success! It was SO good to be back in that city! There is just something so invigorating about being surrounded by so much creative energy, and Reuben and Abby got to experience it for the first time! We interact with the most amazing people at the markets we attend, and always leave with items we are thrilled to bring back to the studio. 

Janet, Reuben, and Abby took off on Thursday the 15th, and returned the next Monday. The time was filled with long days of amazing shopping, with really delicious food and drinks at the end as a welcome break in the pace! On top of the food and drink vendors that the market had, we also loved eating at Lawrence, South City Kitchen, and Minero. If any of you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for a good food experience, we would highly recommend any of those three restaurants! 

Wandering through the show rooms at the market is definitely one of the best ways to grow in understanding and appreciation of our vendors and their products. We love admiring their work and picking out pieces with our customers back home in mind. We are always so happy to say that we restocked everyone’s favorite 2 candle vendors (Firefly and Skeem) with the new scents in each line while there! We added a new candle line as well this time – you’ll have to come visit and see what you think!

It’s always fun to have an excuse to hit the road and explore the wonderful world of home design! We always come home reminded, yet again, that we really love what we do. 

Custom Furniture.

We know that finding the right piece of furniture for your space is important. You will use them often and look at them even more. Because of this, we make it a priority that the piece of furniture meets two pieces of criteria: functional and beautiful. Sometimes, you just can’t find exactly what you are

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Meet Abby

Abby brings so much life and energy to the LJ team! If you’re looking for a friend to go on a last-minute Starbucks run with you, she’s your girl. At Louisa Jane, she’s one of our Studio Design Consultants and she runs our social media (a big role!). We couldn’t have asked anyone better on

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How to Style Bookshelves

The gentle giants of home decorating. In one sense, you can’t miss them, yet in another, they seem to just fade into the background of a room. Although they are useful and serve the practical purpose of housing our books and decorations, they can also be a show-stopping focal point. It just takes a little

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The High Point of the Week.

Janet, Jaquetta, and Reuben took on North Carolina! The market of the year just happened, and this trio was there for it! They flew out on Friday, June 4th, and landed back in Illinois the following Wednesday. There’s never a dull moment with these three, and the days were spent with design, decor, Mama J

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Meet Our General Manager.

If you know Brad personally, you know he’s pretty terrific. Our LJ crew is continuing to evolve and grow. We have lots of amazing things happening in 2021, some we planned for, others we did not. Brad just fell into place on our team, when he came on as our GM, and we are so

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Memorial Day.

It’s not just a day off work and a BBQ with family. While we love those two things, Memorial Day is much more. For us at Louisa Jane, it’s a reminder of the freedom we have in the United States of America, and more than that, of those who gave their lives that we could

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Our Design Process.

It all starts with a phone call, an email, or a walk-in from a new client! Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at LJ? When we get a design proposal, a member of the LJ design team will then follow up with the new client to walk them through our design process. Are they looking

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Makeover in Morton.

Another amazing transformation, and another wonderful client! When this amazing client came to LJ looking for help in remodeling the main floor of her home, of course we said yes! Her goals were to update the look of the space in general, as well as to add a mudroom area with enclosed doors to “hide

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