Mood Board Series IV.

Our last of the mood board series – and he’s extra moody.

Not moody as in the emotional kind – but if you know Reuben you know what we mean. Edgy, eclectic…you know what we are speaking of.

At Louisa Jane, we love bouncing ideas off each other and gaining inspiration from the style ideals of each member of the team. As is the case with so many areas in life, each person’s individual style is constantly evolving. For this reason, mood boards encourage us to continue exploring and experimenting with our own decorating endeavors. We find that we also mentally store away elements that appeal to us and ideas that excite us
to come back to for inspiration, and mood boards are a great way to do that!

Reuben would describe his style as moody and eclectic, encouraging a sense of individualism in each of the spaces he curates. He is a big fan of traveling (he is all about those spontaneous weekend trips!) and this is reflected in his style and brought out in inspiration he gathers from time away.

Maximalism is a style that he readily embraces and he is not afraid of bringing many different pieces and colors into harmony in one space. The goal is to incorporate vintage pieces and celebrate the story behind them, while still maintaining an edgy overall style for the space. One key element of Reuben’s approach to design is his love for pulling people together, celebrating stories and enjoying community. He is drawn to spaces that would invite just that – whether it be a well-spread table, or an inviting sitting room with walls and bookshelves full of experiences waiting to be shared. We love this trait about him – he continually brings our team together because of this as well!

Would you consider your style preference to be that of a maximalist or a minimalist? How does that play out in your home? We would love to hear your thoughts. Stay heathy out there, friends!

Happy Birthday LJ.

Five whole years. That’s how old we are! Louisa Jane began on March 18th – and we are celebrating our birthday this week! It’s astonishing to remember those first days, where Janet and her friend Dawn started refurbishing furniture, then hosting tent sales, and then expanding to a studio space……and today here we are with

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Spring Market Recap.

This one started a little unusually! Last week began with some shocking news – Danielle, our Studio manager and the one who is in charge of the Spring Market, was told by her doctor that she needed to go on bed rest. Promptly. Our heads whirled. WHOA. One of our busiest weeks of the year

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Spring Market Sneak-Peek.

In just five short days it is the weekend – which means, our spring market! We are so excited, and we hope you are too! If any one out there is NOT super excited yet, we figured we would help you out – with a sneak-peek of what to expect in our studio! We have

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Bringing Spring Inside.

It’s so refreshing after a long winter. Each season brings it’s own charm and beauty, both in interior design, as well as in nature, and it’s our goal to be intentional in every season. We are always looking for ways to incorporate the change of the seasons into our space. As winter draws to a

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The Enneagram.

That’s Right. We are hopping on the bandwagon! Personalities are so fascinating! Each person is so complex and has innumerable factors that lead them to do what they do and be who they are. Whether it be through a formal personality test, or just observing and comparing behavior patterns between people, the study of personality

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Spring Market 2020.

Are you ready for this? It’s annual. It’s awesome. It’s full of amazing products and floral picks and pillows and wall hangings and yeah. You get the point. March 6th and 7th is when this awesome event will go down, and we are stoked! It’s pretty ironic – market weekends. They are simultaneously the most

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Balancing Life and Work.

The hardest balance known to mankind. Or at least it seems that way! Owning a small business, and working for one, requires those who LOVE to work, and LOVE what they do. That being said, it is so hard to learn the perfect balance of work and life, and we are not sure anyone has

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These Cozy Evenings.

How do you spend these snowy, cozy, dark evenings of the winter? We know, we know, everyone hates the winter, right? It’s so cold, and dark, and seriously…where is the sun?! We hear that everywhere, and we see it all over social media. And yes, we’ve even said it before on our own Louisa Jane

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