Brenda the Second.

Two Brenda’s in the office. And they are both equally loved.

This Brenda is the designer Brenda, and if you know her, you know how easy she is to love. She is one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers in our Design Center, and is a huge asset to our team. If you check out our gallery page, you will see some of the projects she has completed. Her style is “if I love it, I use it!” and somehow, it completely works. She is super knowledgeable and talented in all aspects of DIY – and is great in giving advice in this area as well.

Besides a great designer, Brenda is a humble, kind-hearted human, who is the best listener around. People often come to her for a listening ear and good advice, and she never turns them away. We need her in the office for this reason alone, and she keeps us all on-track and focused on what matters in life.

Brenda – keep being you, and never leave LJ, okay? Okay.

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