Bringing Spring Inside.

It’s so refreshing after a long winter.

Each season brings it’s own charm and beauty, both in interior design, as well as in nature, and it’s our goal to be intentional in every season. We are always looking for ways to incorporate the change of the seasons into our space. As winter draws to a close, you will find us looking for ways to welcome spring into our homes! Below are a few ways we do this, and would love if you would join us in freshening up your home.

  1. Replace your linens. The simple act of replacing your kitchen linens, bathroom hand towels, and dining room cloth napkins can subtly welcome spring and give you the change you are looking for. You can’t go wrong with neutrals, but spring is a great opportunity to bring in some color. Stick with pastels to keep it classic or bring in some royal blue if you’re feeling adventurous! Some of us at the office will most definitely choose a pop of yellow. 😉
  2. Incorporate the natural colors of spring. Although greenery is a welcome touch to any space, regardless of the season, spring brings the opportunity to play with the more colorful natural hues. Consider a bouquet of fresh cut flowers on the coffee table or in the dining room (Kroger has some awesome bouquets on clearance!) Freshly cut blooms will cheer your home, reminding you that warmer weather is on its way!
  3. Declutter. This year take “spring cleaning” to the next level! This truly is one of our favorite ways to refresh a space. After being inside so much over the winter months, a home can easily accumulate unintended clutter. So, consider reorganizing and rearranging! This can be an exciting task and should be approached as a challenge in design, not simply functionality. Find some new metal hooks you love for your entryway or place some hand-woven baskets on your bookshelf for storing those little things that always manage to clutter your coffee table. We would love to give you some tips if you stop by the studio! Be creative, and you will be amazed at how much just a little decluttering can do to revive a room!
  4. Fill your home with spring scents. A new scent can do wonders to lift your spirits and bring a sense of newness and change to your home! Here at Louisa Jane, we love a good candle, but we also love incorporating other unique ways to scent your home. We are always on the lookout for a good linen spray or pretty sachet. For spring, you’ll want to aim for the brighter scents – think lavender, citrus, and lemongrass. 
  5. Infuse your water with herbs and fruit. We couldn’t help but include this one on the list! Not only does adding fruit to your water look beautiful, but it is such a refreshing beverage. This is a simple thing that we love doing to celebrate the freshness of spring. And it never hurts to drink a little more water, right? We automatically feel healthier too! Some of our favorite combinations are peach with mint, cucumber with lemon and ginger, and grapefruit with rosemary. Don’t be afraid to explore your own favorite combinations to enjoy.
  6. Come to our Spring Market! What better way to welcome Spring then by hanging out with us, and choosing some amazing new décor for your space? We can’t think of any better way!

What are some of your favorite ways to update your home for spring? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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