Choosing Art.

Wall hangings are the perfect accessory. And we are here to help you accessorize.

To start with, we would like to put your minds all at rest when we say: not every wall hanging or piece of art is for everyone. We definitely feel like oftentimes people just listen to those they love, when they suggest a certain type of art or painting or print for their wall. And people – not every piece of art is for you. In fact, your best friend could be totally into abstract art – that doesn’t mean you have to be. So listen to us when we say that you should figure out what speaks to you. And once you find that painting or print or map or otherwise that is perfect for you and goes great in your space, it will be hanging on your wall for a long time.

Now that we got that settled, let’s talk wall hanging layouts! Layouts all depend on the space you are using, whether it’s a collage, a single piece on a wall, or other options  – but some advice from us, do not clutter. Too much thrown on to a wall can be overwhelming and have the opposite effect you are going for. Some more advice: do not just throw a piece of art up there. Have someone hold it in place and see how it looks in the space, then measure and make sure it’s level, etc. You can take some time to hammer that nail into the wall – it’s no race!

And of course, we would love to come help you decide on that perfect piece as well. So just swing on in and say hi! 🙂


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