Christmas Traditions.

Sentimentality is key to Christmas.

There are many reasons that this time of year is so special, but traditions are the essence of the Christmas season. They provide a sense of familiarity and belonging that encourage us to slow down, to savor memories from the past, and to acknowledge the beauty of the moment as we celebrate again. 

We decided to share some of our personal favorite Christmas traditions as a glimpse into what makes the holidays special to us here at Louisa Jane!

Janet’s family loves to sing. They’ve always sung a few Christmas carols before they open gifts, and when Janet was a little girl, she confesses that she was impatient with that tradition.  However, as the years have passed, she has come to really treasure this tradition! When she and her siblings were younger, they would exchange names for Christmas and then have to guess who had their name before they could open their gift. With six kids in the family, keeping track of it all was quite a feat, but her mother did it effortlessly. Christmas tradition for Janet’s family also includes a fancy dinner, complete with shrimp cocktail, her Grandma’s famous cheese spread on Ritz crackers, and sparkling grape juice. Now that she and Karl are married, they have the exciting opportunity to establish their own Christmas traditions! We agree, this is exciting!

Each year, Katy’s family picks out their own fresh tree to decorate! She picks out a new ornament that represents the past year for her family. This is such a special way to reflect on past years and all that they have held! A batch of Christmas cookies with lots of frosting and sprinkles is a necessity to celebrate the season. Since her kids are still young, visiting Santa and the Festival of Lights in Peoria are highlights of the holiday and are the perfect way to create those lasting memories that her family will cherish forever.

Reuben’s family tradition is getting out their big crock bowl to make homemade egg noodles and cinnamon rolls in. The furniture would be draped with sheets covered in noodles laid out to dry. For his family, these are the sights and smells of Christmas. This unique tradition provides the opportunity to celebrate the season and share quality time as a family!

Danielle’s family has created their own tradition of sharing an extended weekend at the Dells instead of buying Christmas gifts for everyone. Stocking stuffers and a small gift exchange make the season special for her family, but the highlight of the season truly is the time spent together at the condo! This time is filled with shopping, snowboarding, skiing, and eating out, and has created memories for her family that far exceed in value any gift that could be given. 

Brenda can not think of any Christmas traditions – basically every Christmas was done differently, sometimes with spontaneity, and sometimes with traditional flare. Ironically, this is a tradition in itself – to not HAVE traditions! One thing that stayed consistent, however, was Darrel’s entire family celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, every year. No matter the size of the family, or the weather, they celebrated that day. Dedication!

Regardless of which traditions your family enjoys during the Christmas season, it is truly a time of rest from the daily grind and an opportunity for reflection and celebrating simple joys. We would love to hear from you! Which Christmas traditions do you enjoy the most?

From all of us at Louisa Jane, we wish you all the happiest of Christmases celebrating with those you love!

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