Clayton the Builder.

If you haven’t met him yet, you need to.

He is the newest member to our LJ Crew, and we are so excited that he is our Construction Manager. I mean, just come into our studio and check out the center table – HE BUILT THAT. Clayton is crazy talented with all things wood, as well as basically any other material that he is allowed to build with.

Clayton has been a huge asset to our team so far. Having another man around these parts, is not so bad, and Clayton’s steady but gentle personality fits right in. He loves being apart of the creative environment we have here at LJ, and we love his sense of humor. (We also keep him around for his talent with a hammer and nails, but maybe don’t mention that to him! haha!)

Clayton’s own personal style is Mid-Century Modern/Industrial, and this comes out in his work. The best part though? He totally can stray away from his style if we need a piece of furniture that fits into another. If Clayton could build any house he wanted, it would be a tree house with an infinity pool. Now THAT is something we would love to see. Hop on over to our Meet the Team page to find out more!

Have a great week everyone!

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