Danielle’s Wedding Day.

It was simply the most gorgeous, blur of a day for the bride.

June 29th, 2019 was a dream for our beloved, Danielle. The rest of the LJ crew was able to witness her say “I do” below a wooden backdrop with a lovely bohemian floral arrangement streaming down behind them. Held at the Cannery, the courtyard was packed full of her friends and family, and we watched her, calm, cool, and collected, taking the day in stride. The ceremony held some giggles, as the couple mixed up a few of the vows, some dirt, as the couple poured dirt and water into a young Olive Tree, and some love, as the couple exchanged their rings and promised each other a lifetime.

The morning started off for the bride and her wedding party pretty chill. The groom and his men spent the morning washing their trucks and the bride and her girls spent the morning just drinking mimosas, dancing in the dressing room, and playing card games. The weather became a bit warmer as the day went on, and by the time the ceremony began, it was hot in the courtyard. However, the ceremony was short and then Cocktail hour began – refreshing the guests and allowing some downtime for the party.

The rest of the day flew by – the toasts, the food, the dancing. And at the end of it all, Danielle is no longer a Hodel, but an Onnen. Congrats to you and your new husband! From all of us at Louisa Jane – we love you.

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