Deck the Halls.

Tis’ the season!

Last week, our Christmas elves, Danielle and Reuben, had the opportunity to bring the holiday season to several homes in our community. They visited 3 clients, including one on High Point Place and another on Ruth Court, and did not leave before each house had come alive with wonder and excitement.

At each home, they started with the front porch. Big pots were placed by the front door filled with cedar bundles, birch logs, and larger accent pieces – willow balls, wooded trees, berries, etc. One house featured a lovely wreath, and another, long garland wrapped around the front arch.

Then they stepped inside out of the cold, along with more ornaments, berries, bells, and Christmas décor. At each house they decorated a Christmas tree – and one house they decorated three! Danielle and Reuben used new Christmas ornaments and décor as well as some of the home-owner’s keepsakes and special trimmings, and the final masterpiece was breath-taking. From there, the elves went about the rooms, decorating mantels, tablescapes, countertops, shelves, etc.

High Point Place Client

Ruth Court Client

Danielle and Reuben had a blast, and we are so excited that several homes in the community now feature a “LJ Christmas”! If you see these two out and about with boxes of ribbon, garland, and cedar balls, don’t be alarmed – the elves are just at work!

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