Deck the Halls.

We had the extreme privilege of decorating some local homes for Christmas.

Jobs like these are basically not even “jobs” because they are so much fun, and who doesn’t like decorating for Christmas? We aren’t sure if we like the minimalistic Christmas décor, or when we get to go all out – both are gorgeous!

At one of the houses, we decorated the porch with fresh garland, berries, and lights, and the final result was breathtaking. We then added fresh cypress and Christmas stems into the already existing pots. It looked like a Christmas manor when we hung the wreaths on the doors, and this was definitely a moment when simplicity was key.


We then went inside and spruced up their Christmas tree with some bells, candles, berries, ornaments, and extra greenery. The golds and reds went amazing with the rest of their décor, then we added some greenery to their light fixture! Both were the perfect touches to the room, and instantly transformed the room into Christmas.


Another home we visited, we decorated three Christmas trees. One in the main living area which was super elegant and classy, one in their master bedroom which was more playful and fun, (we mean what is more awesome than waking up to a lit tree?), and then another playful “Under the Sea” themed tree for their basement. From the bells, garland, tulle, greenery, berries, and ornaments, we were happy with the outcome.


We just wanted to say a big thank you to the owners for letting us spruce up your trees and homes for Christmas – and to all of our clients the whole year through.

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