Design Book Inspiration.

We aren’t always bookworms, but when we are…

Yes. We read design books. Okay okay, we are not the perfect-designers-that-portray-life-through-perfect-designer-glasses – so yes, we read other books as well. But we DO love and enjoy certain design books, so we broke it down for you, and asked our designers to name their favorites!

Janet: “Um, I have a stack of them that I never have time to look at…just being completely real and transparent. I would LOVE to someday – so yes, hence the stack. I will get to them eventually. But at this point, I pick-up a magazine faster! I love bits and pieces from several different ones – Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Southern Living, Veranda…..check them out!”

Danielle:  “Of course my go-to is Home Body by Joanna Gaines. No, I’m not your basic white girl! You can also find my nose in all of her magazines as well. Truly inspiring design-wise! I also enjoy Simply Styling By Kirsten Grove.”

Katy: “Black and White (and a Bit in Between): Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents, and Stylish Collections. If you haven’t heard or read any of these, and you enjoy design, these are musts!”

Reuben: “If you know me, I am all about natural materials, and the outdoors, inside. So of course, my favorite is Bring the Outdoors In by Shane Powers.”

We hope you find one of these picks to suit YOU. Happy reading, friends!

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