Designing For You.

A behind-the-scenes peek of interior designers.

As home designers, we love what we do!  End of story.  Be it a small project or an extensive one, we are committed to designing something fabulous just for you.  We love taking what inspires you, adding that personal touch and making it happen – real time!  Inspiration comes from many places – Pinterest, Houzz and Insta, for example – and it’s hugely helpful when our clients can share their ideas with us.  We often say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s a fact!  Have you ever tried to explain an idea that’s only in your head?  Without the help of a picture, a sketch or some sort of visual reference?  It’s incredibly difficult.  And style is one of the hardest preferences to explain.  So idea boards, screen shots and all that fun stuff are a huge help.

But while pictures are fabulous and design ideas are endless, it can all be overwhelming and we haven’t even talked budget yet.  The dreaded B word.  We know.  It’s one of the hardest things to talk about and agree on, but nothing amazing comes without one, so…. we talk about it and take it very seriously.  Over the years, we’ve had many conversations and learned many lessons.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that hiring a professional for interior design consulting is too expensive and just sounds a little intimidating.  That’s understandable.  Why wouldn’t it be intimidating when you don’t know the details or much about it?  So – we would love to fill you in on some behind-the-scenes of our design process and what we do here at Louisa Jane.  We promise – it’s worth it and our mission is to walk with you, side by side, through your project and take all the worries away.

So, hello LJ Team. We take the small requests as seriously as the big ones.  As lovers of awesome spaces and designers at heart, we want to give you the BEST possible design advice and workmanship.  If you need a refresh on decor and home accessories, come on into the studio and we’ll help you out. If you need a complete bathroom transformation, we’ve got you covered.  If you’re updating the exterior of your home and just need help choosing siding and brick colors, we do that too.  Need design help for a new home?  Count us in!  Get the picture?  Our goal is to help you make good, solid decisions.  In all aspects of design.  

Your own personal request could fit one, two, or all of these elements that we use here at Lousia Jane.  So here’s a little bit about our team and what we do:

  • Experience in design. We have 20 years of experience refining our design eye over and over.  While a well-trained eye can be a talent, even a natural gift has to continue learning and refining to keep up with the constant shifts in interior design and what the field has to offer. We want to give you the best experience possible, no matter what.
  • The “B” Word – Budget. We take all of your thoughts, feelings, and financial requests into consideration. We’ll start with a visti to your home and walk through it with you.  We’ll talk about which existing pieces would fit into the new space and make a list of the new purchases, whether they be wants or needs.  Because let’s face it, we ALL have more wants than needs, right?  The budget is one of the hardest numbers to set, and if you don’t know where to start with that, we’ll have a good idea for you after we can sit and chat a while.  From there, it’s refine time then it’s GET TO WORK!  
  • Design Process. We design your project thoroughly from top to bottom before the first hammer starts to fly, working through all aspects of the project ahead of time. We’ll help you with product selections too, and create an itemized budget. Our purpose it to ensure that all of what you are envisioning is possible, while minimizing unforeseen bumps in the road. For those of you who are looking for a full remodel, we use 3-D software to help you visualize your space as we play around with layout, colors, and furniture. The benefits to seeing it in 3-D before taking the plunge are huge!  
  • The Battle of Overwhelmed.   One of the most common frustrations we hear about when chatting with clients is how overwhelming all the decisions can be when tackling a project by themselves.  And we get it!  It’s super overwhelming – especially when the crew is on the job,needing answers tomorrow, and you’re caught off guard and scrambling!  Our process helps you to work through those decisions in a logical manner, make cohesive choices and have materials ordered and ready to go ahead of time.  The worst EVER is the regret of spending hard-earned money on a project then being unhappy with it after it’s all said and done because had you more time, you would have chosen something else.  But now, it’s a little late for that and you’re just going to have to be ok with it for the next however many years.  Ugh.  Please don’t go there!  
  • Well-informed Sourcing. With the experience of years in the industry and many projects under our belt, we have been able to network and build relationships in the design/construction community that are invaluable.  From a contractor, to a painter, to a tile installer, we’ve worked with some of the best and have complete confidence in the extended LJ family.  And we’re happy to share all that with you.   
  • Project Management.  This element is for the larger project, with the main mission to set your mind at ease and lift a burden from your shoulders. One of the toughest transitions is moving from the design phase to the building phase.  Communication is key to ensure your contractor has the vision we’ve been dreaming up for weeks, so we offer Project Management services too.  We’ll be the point of contact with the entire construction crew, coordinating schedules and materials while having a presence on site through-out your project.  It’s a stressful phase, but a rewarding one, and our goal is to make it as painless for you as possible.  
  • Unofficial Relationship Counseling. We know this point may seem a little humorous, but you would not believe how often we find ourselves in this role! Decorating – not to mention remodeling – can be super stressful on couples. It helps to have a third party be the voice of reason and sometimes just have a shoulder to cry on, so to speak, when things get stressful.  Our team has been the voice of reason many times, and we can relate to the emotional roller coaster every person rides on during a project. 

As your LJ Team, we count it a privilege to walk alongside you as your ideal home becomes your reality! Our community means so much to us, and every job and new relationship formed with each client is one we never forget.  It’s why we do this!  Please reach out with any questions.  We’d love to chat with you and see how we can be of service.

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