Design on a Budget.

Not everyone can afford to redecorate and redesign their entire house, so here is some helpful tips for redesigning on a budget!

And designing in a way that everyone will think you had a complete home-makeover! Our Louisa Jane team would love to help you would with any of the following below, so please don’t hesitate in giving us a call!

  1. Paint an accent wall. Are you tired of the way your room feels, but don’t want to spend all that money on paint? Get one quart of paint, and paint a single wall. Trust us, this can change the entire feel of the room.
  2. Less is more. Before you go out looking for things to redecorate with, first consider what you already have. An entire room can totally change by just de-cluttering! And/or moving objects around, or converting them into different uses. The options are endless, and trust us when we say, less is more.
  3. Customize, customize, customize. Those curtains of yours looking a little plain? Sew some lace to the bottom to give it some flair! Or consider putting some wallpaper in the background of your bookcase. Simple touches are all it takes.
  4. Mix and Match. Be eclectic and bohemian! You don’t have to have everything go together perfectly. And if you let this idea of “correlating” go, things are a lot easier to find, and your space can look a lot more edgy!
  5. Bring the Outdoors IN. Seriously though, often times the best d├ęcor is greenery, flowers, and anything fauna from outside – cheap, and gorgeous. Plus, it adds the perfect touch to your space.

We love budgeting here at Louisa Jane, and are always down to give advice and opinions. Come on in and check out our studio as well. Perhaps we have the final touch to your low-cost space.

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