Design trends of 2021

Five design trends to be exact.

Isn’t it interesting how time is defined by trends? When you think about your teenage years, you probably can recall your favorite pants to wear. When you think about your first home, you probably cringe at the color you chose to put on your bedroom walls. When you think about your middle school years, you probably remember the way you styled your hair (and wonder why you thought it was a good idea at the time). 

Seeing trends evolve is part of the fun of being in the design industry! Although shifts in style are generally gradual, there are some big themes we see setting the scene for home décor in 2021. Here are some of them:

  • Global Influence. Different regions of the world offer such rich colors, patterns, and textures, and incorporating them into our homes offers so much diversity! As awareness of sustainable products is growing, this is a great way to honor other cultures by using well-made and fair-trade goods to furnish our homes. Think hand-painted beads, weavings, sheepskin rugs, and pottery. Scandinavian and Japanese inspiration are especially trending in global styles this year. Wicker and rattan furniture are no longer seen as merely outdoor furniture, and they bring a key element to the earthy and textural style we are seeing as we embrace the globe.
  • Bold accessorizing. In the past, the bolder colors and patterns were reserved for the most eclectic and dramatic of homes and that is no longer the case, especially here at LJ! We are seeing bright and unexpected colors and eye-catching art everywhere in 2021. Wallpaper is making a comeback, as well as Moroccan-style ceramic tile in kitchens and bathrooms. We are seeing lots of strong colors, layered styling, and louder patterns than in the past. 
  • Room dividers. This past year stretched our homes to meet needs and fill purposes we may never have envisioned, especially in Central Illinois. Our homes became the place not only where we live but also where we did work and school. This was not a great thing, but it did introduce a new need for inventive dividers in the home, which has evolved into a new design trend that we seeing even more in 2021! You can hardly go wrong with a well-made wooden room divider, but we are seeing a movement towards repurposing bookshelves, open shelving, cubbies, and even macrame as more creative ways to section off a room. 
  • Light woods. Wood shows up in so many places in a home! Not only in wood flooring or cabinets, but in doorframes, bookshelves, chair legs, coffee tables, picture frames, and many other staples. Because of this, the wood stain and style that you choose can really create strong undertones for the style of your space! This year, we are seeing light wood take center stage. Lighter wood tones give the impression of being raw, untreated, and unstained, which plays well with the more colorful accessorizing that we see gaining popularity this year as well.  
  • Naval. Think navy blue, only a hint deeper. Navy has been a classic accent color for a long time, but we are just beginning to see naval take its place as a new black proper. Keep your eye out for naval in place of black furniture or other sustaining elements in the room.

As we mentioned previously, trends are constantly shifting and taking on new forms, and really, any style can look great if done properly. We may not take on all of the current design trends of the year here at LJ. Rather, we meet the needs of our clients in a way that collides trend with the comfortable, cozy, and stable. What we love most about interior design is the freedom to create your own style. The main goal is for you to love your space and love living there, whether or not the end result would be classified as “trending.” It’s a thrilling adventure for us to take our knowledge of current styles, as well as your personal preferences, and decorate a space that fits YOU well. 

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