Dream Vacations.

Traveling is truly the medicine for everything.

And here at the office, this Illinois weather has us dreaming of vacations. Plus, it’s the perfect time to start planning for vacations in the summer, so why not start dreaming? We all have a location we would love to go, and we figured we would share them with you, in case it sparks some ideas for your family as well.

Janet would love to go to the Grand Cayman Islands. Located in the Caribbean, it has everything that is perfect for a relaxing getaway – sun, beaches, gorgeous crystal-clear water, and amazing food. It’s also far enough away that Janet wouldn’t feel guilty about forgetting her phone (and life in Illinois) for a week or so, and simply unplugging and rejuvenating. We love this idea!

Danielle would love to go to Santorini, Greece. It’s the most sought-out place for a romantic getaway, and that’s just what is on her mind right now (she’s engaged!) The landscape of the location is what draws Danielle in – seriously, imagine staying on the edge of cliff ( that’s an active volcano) that overlooks a crystal clear sea and tiny white-washed, cubiform, cliff-top towns on the coastline. This place is also featured in Mama Mia, and Danielle fell in love with it while watching the movie! Plus, seeing all the roads that lead to the small towns, the interior design of each home and building…yeah, you get it.

Julie’s dream vacation would be basically to ANY tropical paradise that holds white sandy beaches, palms trees with a hammock to swing in, clear-blue water and as few people as possible. We think her and Janet should do some talking – they may be on to something!

As for Darrel, he wouldn’t mind taking his family to Menorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Why? It’s one of the most clean, most safe, crime-free places to go, with a strong tourist economy! He would think in this practical way, but he has a point. With beautiful clear beaches, old buildings dotting the coast and painted in bright colors, farmer’s markets on the boardwalks…we mean, for crying out loud just google it. You’ll be sold too.

Brenda, Darrel’s wife is totally on board with his dream location – so we all agree they need to make this top on their bucket list! Brenda is all for any place sunny, warm, on the coast with fresh seafood, flowers, and amazing architecture. We think Spain is in their future.

We would love if any of YOU have great vacations planned! If there is one thing we know in life, is that it’s too short to NOT travel and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. So go travel!

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