Easter Reflections.

This year may seem different, but the meaning remains the same.

Happy Monday, friends. We are hoping that you all had a restful and joyful Easter weekend! We are realizing that it is times of crisis like this that seem to put all of life into perspective and reveal what we really value. It strips us of the sense of normalcy that we often live with and leaves an awareness of what means the most to us. 

Easter is a time full of celebration, community, and tradition. As our world faces a pandemic that has caused us to withdraw from community and forego many of the traditions we normally enjoy, we are led to consider what it means to celebrate regardless. For us at LJ, it certainly showed us the true meaning: Jesus. When the Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny, and everything this else is stripped away, Jesus is still there – risen from the tomb.

Easter is a celebration of the ultimate hope and the ultimate good news. In this season of unknown and fear, the “Good News” is just what we need, can we get an amen? Through Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, we are welcomed into a relationship with God, free to trust in Him. This is the only unchanging reality, the only rock that we can build our lives on, the only unshakeable source of comfort and hope – just what we need. This brings joy, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. This is good news! This is why we continued to celebrate this past weekend, in our own homes, with our families.

As we look to the future, with many unanswered questions looming and an ache for life to return to what it once was, let’s remember that we have so much cause for joy! We can trust the One who rescued us from our sin to use this challenging season for good. Take time to reflect on the gift of the family you are social-distancing alongside, the simple pleasures of morning coffee or an afternoon walk, the sunshine, and most of all, for the hope we have in Jesus that far exceeds this lifetime. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on Easter this year, as well as the ways that you celebrated despite. We love you all, miss you all, and are cheering you on during this time!

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