Georgie Faye.

Even in uncertain times, there is joy.

How drastically things have changed, haven’t they? A month ago we were going about our normal lives, and then our normal lives were flipped upside down. BUT, we are learning that the world still spins, that joy and sorrow still co-exist, that blessings can be found in the comfort of the home, and that God is still good. All the time.

With that being said, we experienced joy last Wednesday, when our Project Manager, Clayton Walder sent us some news. His baby girl was born! We are so excited for both him and his wife, Abbey, and pray for their little family of three. It’s more important than ever that both mommy and baby stay healthy, and we were overjoyed to hear that the labor went well.

The two named their little girl Georgie Faye, and she was born at 11:46 AM on Wednesday, March 25th, weighing 8 lbs and measuring 20 inches. We can’t wait to cuddle the little bundle of joy, but for now we are sending them virtual hugs. Congratulations to the Walder family!

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