Going Digital.

We are joining the new digital era, here at louisa jane.

In a world where technology is all-consuming (in a very scary way sometimes), it’s so hard for small business to keep up. Facebook, Instagram, and all these other marketing platforms are constantly changing their algorithms. Websites are constantly fighting for Google Ad Words. And sometimes (all the time) it can get exhausting for us small business owners.

The good part? We have an amazing community around us with some amazing clients who continually support us and recommend us. That is the best marketing strategy out there! You all show up with such excitement to our annual markets, and we could not be more grateful. We are always looking for opinions, advice, and recommendations of marketing tools and platforms that YOU use, so please don’t keep quiet about it!

At the moment, we send out emails monthly. These emails update our client base and community about the current happenings here, and also give hints and information on upcoming markets. We have decided to completely stop sending out our flier invitations, and just send out emails instead. This allows us more time to focus on the great set-ups for displays, as well as cuts out the clients who receive both email and flier.

SO…this is YOUR chance to give us your email, and we will make sure you are entered into our database. We would love to keep you up-to-date on all of our events, new product, deals, and just life itself. Please email us at ljteam@louisajaneinc.com!

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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