Harvest Market 2019.

An awesome weekend gone by.

A big thank you to each of you who came by our Market this past weekend. We loved seeing each of your faces – you truly know how to support your small town!

Last week was a whirl of activity – in fact , we are not entirely sure when one day ended and another began – it all kind of blurred together. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were packed full of market prep – folding brochures, moving furniture, pricing product, and most importantly, setting up beautiful displays.

When the doors opened Friday evening, we were once again blown away by the support from our local community. A line was standing outside in the cold (because yes, temps decided to drop to Winter during our Harvest Market – but that’s just how it goes), and the fun did not end until Saturday at 2:00. We watched as huge furniture pieces, statement wall hangings, lamps, table settings, and more were whisked away, and honestly, from all of us at LJ, nothing makes us more happy than imagining all of this product in your homes. We would love if you would share photos with us!

And while the end of each Market is always bittersweet for us at LJ, we are also always so thankful for the two days of activity, laughter, conversation with each of you, and the anticipation of more events to come. And guess what? Christmas is just around the corner…

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