Home Again, Home Again.

We are back from Georgia, and settling back into a great pace.

Our trip to Market was exhausting, inspiring, creative-fueling, exciting, tiring, and well-worth our time – all wrapped into one. Some might say that shopping all day is just fun, girl time. And it is! However, it’s hard work being on our feet all day, and picking out all the things we love. If we had it our way, we would just bring the entire Market back to Tremont for all of you wonderful friends to shop through, however, we can not have it our way, so we wanted to choose the best of the best to bring back. And we accomplished that! Four days later.

We got up early in the mornings, fueled ourselves with coffee, headed out to shop all day long, ate late night dinners, fell into bed, and repeated this from Friday to Monday of last week. We headed home and beat the winter storm that came this past weekend, and now we sit and wait for the arrival of the trucks! We are absolutely stoked to show all of you the fun and exciting new products we are bringing, both to the studio and to your own homes when we come to stylize a room for you. Call Danielle to book a house-call for the spring! There is nothing quite like spring cleaning and redecorating.

It’s good to be back home.

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