How to Elevate Your Bathroom Space.

A little bit of effort goes a long way in a bathroom’s design.

Bathrooms may be some of the smallest rooms in a home, but they present so many styling opportunities. They are personally one of our favorite spaces to remodel/upgrade. It is just so rewarding to see a few swaps (and sometimes a little renovation) totally change the space. If your bathroom is in need of a little TLC, or you’re just looking for some simple ways to change the look, we put together some ideas for you!

These are some of our favorite ways to elevate your bathroom space:

  • Install a shower door. Shower curtains definitely have their place, but if you’re really looking to take your space to the next level, install a glass shower door! It immediately gives your bathroom a more luxurious feel, not to mention keeping the water contained much more effectively.
  • Replace your hardware. Faucets, drawer handles, and light fixtures are small aspects of the bathroom that pack a lot of punch. If they are starting to show their wear with rust or stains, or if they are unintentionally mismatched, this might be just the facelift your bathroom needs!
  • Think containers. Bathrooms have to store a lot of things. Which means that they can quickly become cluttered and chaotic! As much as is possible, store your items in baskets or drawers, out of sight. If you don’t have a lot of pre-existing storage or have items that you’d like to keep on your vanity, select containers to set them in that complement the style of the rest of the room. 
  • Choose a floating vanity. Okay, this one is a bit more of an investment, but we are in love with them. If you are in the middle of building a home, or are looking for a remodel, we highly recommend considering a floating vanity! They give you all that counterspace, without making your bathroom feel closed in. 
  • Switch to a free-standing tub. Free-standing tubs are where it’s at! Since space is often limited in a bathroom, opting for a free-standing tub instead of a built-in one can give you a little extra room to breathe. Not to mention the amazing design options available, regardless of which style your home is!
  • Consider wallpaper. Wallpaper has made a bit of a comeback in recent years, and bathrooms are one of our favorite places to see it show up! You can wallpaper just a single wall or go for the whole bathroom. It is such a playful way to add some interest and elevate your look.
  • Add a few comfort objects. Think candles, plants, and soft towels! A few small pieces are all the bathroom needs to give it that sense of comfort and tranquility. It’s amazing how much more luxurious a bathroom can feel, just by simply lighting a candle.

What are some of your favorite ways to elevate your bathroom space? Sometimes, we have found it’s an exciting challenge to try and see your current space through new eyes and tweak it until you love it even more. Happy bathroom styling, friends!

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