How to Style a Bed.

Two goals: comfortability and visual appeal.

As the bed is the central focus of the bedroom, it is important to take the time to style it well. At LJ, we have found that it can be challenging to furnish your bed in a way that looks intentional, while still being inviting and comfortable. As we have styled beds over the years, we have developed a step-by-step process that we are happy to share with you. This has been our key to achieving effortless looking, yet elegant, beds in the homes of many of our clients!

Step 1: Comforter/Duvet

This is the base of your styled bed, and this is one area where personal preference definitely rules your decision. Choose something that is personally appealing to you, whether that is a fluffy duvet that seems to swallow you up as you lean into it, or a quilted heirloom comforter. 

Step 2: euros/body pillow

These are the pillows that frame your bed and serve as the backdrop for the rest of your style. The euro pillows are typically two large, square pillows that sit side by side, with the body pillow laying horizontally in front of them. This step really adds some dimension to the overall look.

Step 3: Shams

The pillow shams are often made of the same material as your comforter or duvet cover. When you put the pillow shams in front of the euro pillows, it helps to keep the look cohesive, while still allowing for plenty of textural interest.

Step 4: Decorative pillows

This is your chance to incorporate accent colors and textures to your overall look! We recommend using decorative/accent pillows in odd numbers. Three decorative pillows may be a good number to aim for. Any more than that can sometimes look excessive. But, as always, let your eye guide your decisions! The most important thing is that you love it, so use these guidelines as suggestions – not rules. We would love to help you pick some out!

Step 5: Throw blanket

A fun final touch for your bed is to select a throw blanket to lay across the foot. This really completes your look and gives you the chance to weave in a color or texture to complement the rest of the look! We have some amazing throw blankets as well at LJ; come on in and check them out!

Step 6: Bench with Pillows

This is a fun touch that elevates the look of the entire room! If you want to go this route, pick out a bench or ottoman that flows with the rest of the furniture in your bedroom – once again, we love our ottomans at LJ, and would love to help you choose one as well. Pay attention to the stain of the wood and the color of the material. This is also a great way to add a contrast to the final design, or to let an accent color really shine. 

We hope these steps have been helpful for you as you style your bedroom! As always, if you find yourself stumped or in need of any inspiration for your home specifically, we are more than happy to offer our help! We love some Louisa Jane inspired bedrooms! Happy styling!

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