How to Style a Nightstand.

Nightstands are a bedroom essential.

They provide the perfect catch-all place for the book we read before bed, our glasses, lotion, phone chargers, and many other things. Not to mention the way they complement a bed to create the focal point of the room! However, we have found that since they are such a convenient and heavily used part of our bedroom, they can easily become cluttered, aimless in design, and become a little chaotic. At LJ, we would love to help you style your nightstand in a way that is practical yet lovely.

Three key elements to keep in mind while styling:

  1. Lamp. A nightstand usually needs a lamp, in our opinion! It creates an atmosphere of relaxation, inviting you to wind down your day. A lamp also provides the basic framework for your nightstand design. They can range from traditional, minimal, coastal, as well as many other aesthetics. You will want a lamp that brings some height, without overpowering the nightstand itself. 
  2. Storage. As we mentioned before, the nightstand is such a convenient place to store your necessary trinkets that they often are covered with clutter! Our solution to this is an artful storage piece. It can be a wooden box with a lid, a small woven basket, a ceramic jar or canister, or whatever else matches the feel of your bedroom. Having a designated space to place your bedside items is key to keeping your nightstand clean and intentional. Plus, this is a fun way to add some textural interest and dimension to your nightstand! 
  3. Accessory. After you have chosen your lamp and your storage piece, it’s time to accessorize! You don’t want to overdo it on your nightstand, as they usually don’t provide a lot of space to start with. Consider incorporating something green (maybe a succulent or cactus?), a candle on top of a short stack of books, or an alarm clock that fits your look. As you pull together your design, remember that it is best to work in odd numbers. We recommend aiming for three pieces total. In our opinion, less is always more! 

One final thought we have on nightstands is regarding the wall behind them! If your bed is positioned against a blank wall, we see an opportunity for creating even more interest around the nightstands by hanging some pieces on the wall behind them. Think mirrors, a trio of art pieces you love, or just one framed painting. This is not always necessary, but it is something to keep in mind if you feel like that area of your room needs a little more. 

We would love to see what you all have done with your nightstands! Feel free to drop a picture in the comment section. If you need some help, come on in to LJ and we can help you get started!

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