How To Style Coffee Tables.

It doesn’t take much dabbling in the world of design to recognize that details make all the difference.

We are back with another How-To: and this one is all about those coffee table accessories! Knowing how to style these tables can be tricky, and we have worked with many awesome clients to get their table just right. Designing coffee tables with purpose, and considering both the functionality of the table, and the beauty of the decor can turn the table from an eyesore into a lovely addition to your space.

  1. Height contrast is one of the most helpful ways to start. Consider a tall vase with flowers, a trio of tall candles, or even a house plant to bring some height and interest to the table.
  2. Consider adding the most important snuggling essential – a blanket! These can be draped over the coffee table or a tray that’s on top of the coffee table – especially if it’s one with a heftier border.
  3. Books and candles are the go – to accessory. They bring that element of “cozy” that we are looking for, as well as providing some color dimension. 
  4. Add plenty of differing textures! Throw in a string of earthy beads or a marbled vase. Or maybe a succulent bowl with a fun geometric shape to bring a wow factor and an overall statement to the table – the succulent could be real or fake!
  5. Since there are those essential items that you need to store on your coffee table (such as remotes or matches), baskets are a great way to hold and camouflage the things that you may not want on display.

Play around with it until you find the arrangement you love and that supports your needs the best. Table trays are such a fun way to customize and update your space, as well! Don’t feel like you have to keep one design forever – allow it to constantly evolve to accommodate your family’s lifestyle and your personal style preferences. Have fun with it! 

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