How to Style Wall Decor.

Hanging wall art is one of our favorite ways to personalize a space!

There are honestly so many possibilities for what you could hang on your wall. Family portraits, paintings, and mirrors are classics, or you can get more creative with hanging macrame, family heirlooms, or layering objects. This is what we love about design: the opportunities for personal expression and creativity are endless!

There are three main approaches to hanging wall art: 

  1. One Focal Piece. This is such a fun way to make a statement! Hang a large piece of artwork over your fireplace, behind your bed, or to frame your dining room table. This can be a painting, a family portrait, a hand-lettered quote, or anything else that you feel expresses your style and brings you joy!
  2. Grid. A grid wall collage is hanging an even number of frames that are the same size. This can be anywhere from 2 framed pieces to 18 or more! The goal here is symmetry and precision – like a grid! Matching frames are a great way to create consistency in your grid. This is a high-impact way to furnish your room, since it will look like one congruent piece in the end. Get out your measuring tape though, because you’ll have to use some math skills! Take it from us at LJ though…when a grid is done right, it looks amazing.
  3. Gallery. Here is where the creative freedom in wall art is at its fullest! There are very few rules when it comes to wall galleries. Essentially, a gallery is a collection of wall art, displayed in a collage. This can be asymmetrical or symmetrical, mismatched, themed, or whatever else you want it to be! You can layer pieces to add dimension – like elevating some pieces by mounting them on shutters or wooden planks. You can also mismatch your frames, do all black and white pictures, or mix pictures and objects! Have fun with it! Of course, we will definitely help if you need it as well.

A piece of advice: before picking up the hammer, gather each of the pieces that you want to use in your display and play around with the arrangement on the ground. This way you can tweak it until you love it before hanging it on your wall! When you have the spacing and design just where you want it, hammer away! 

We’d love to hear from you! Have you used any of these methods? Which is your favorite?

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