How To Use Throw Pillows.

Throw pillows really are a secret weapon in the hand of an interior designer. 

WE. LOVE. THEM. We can not say it enough. Throw pillos personalize your space and solidify your style, all while providing that element of comfort that is essential in a home! They are an easy thing to switch out when the seasons change, or when you simply want a change of scenery in your space. As interior designers & decorators, we have spent many hours planning, buying, and arranging throw pillows for various rooms, and we would love to share how to best utilize these awesome additions to your space!

  • Diversify colors and textures. Throw pillows are one of the surest ways to bring interest and dimension to a space. Identify the prominent color of your space (usually either the wall color, or the most prominent piece of furniture), and use that as your guide. If you choose pillows that complement that color, you will find a cohesive theme developing. Don’t underestimate the value of varied textures! You don’t want your decorations to become overly busy, so choosing several neutral or solid-colored pillows in different textures can help tie the space together.
  • Pattern mix effectively. Pattern mixing is allowed when it comes to throw pillows! But we do identify that it can be intimidating. Mixing patterns effectively means using patterns to bring depth and artistic value to your room, without being distracting or chaotic. A helpful key is to avoid mixing patterns that are too similar. For example: if you have a big, bold floral print, try contrasting it with a delicate striped pattern instead of introducing another “loud” pillow to your room. This is an area where letting your eye guide you is key! We are also here to give our opinion as well, whenever you need it.
  • Go for the down-filled pillows. Although throw pillows do provide a lot of design appeal, let’s not forget that they are pillows. This means that their function is to provide warmth and comfort. Be careful not to forfeit those things for the sake of aesthetics! We have found that down filled pillows are the way to go when it comes to keeping it comfortable. At LJ, this might even make or break a pillow choice for us!

If you are looking for inspiration or just a little bit of direction in selecting your throw pillows, we would love to talk more about this! Swing by our Louisa Jane Design Center to see how we pattern mix with pillows. You can also bring us a picture of your room and we can talk about the specifics of your space. We can’t wait to see you!

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