How We Design.

Are you interested in hearing our secrets?

From the best, of course. We thought we would go ahead and give some in-sight in how our top designer’s brains work. After all, while we all may not possess the same talent, it’s still super interesting and helpful to hear how they go about transforming homes into awesome spaces!

First we asked Janet, the original “LJ”er, in the flesh!

“I always start in their personal home – see their space, get to know them a little bit, ask a lot of questions.  I love seeing their Houzz Idea books or Pinterest pages – that gives me a good feel for their style as most people have a hard time explaining exactly what they want/envision. Getting to know them also helps me with this, as I can usually start to see their style by their person.  After we narrow down the priorities, we always talk budget based on their “want” list.  By then, my mind is already running through ideas and who-has-what vendor-wise that would be just the perfect fit for them based on desire and budget. Ideally, I then head straight back to the shop and pull large pieces first. Once the big pieces are set, it’s so much easier to keep working on the smaller details.  By this time, my brain is in full design mode and it is a ton of fun to just “get on a roll” and finish it out.  I absolutely LOVE this part – seeing it come together in my mind and then again all over the showroom floor/work table.  I confess, I’m not a neat designer once samples start stacking up.  You have to make the mess before it gets better, right?”

We agree, Janet. You just keep doing your thing.

Second, we went over to Katy – who has been in the design business for over 11 years as well!

Her answer was super simple, straight-forward, and honest. Which perfectly explains our Katy!

“My design process is very personalized to my client. The space should reflect my them and how they want to use their space. Not trendy or copied: but a true sense of “them.”

We hope this gives you a little more insight, and if you would like, please feel free to pop over to our Design Center/Office. We have samples, samples, and more samples, and you can meet our designers face-to-face.

Have a wonderful week!

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