Instagram Inspiration.

Perhaps one of the world’s most used apps…yes, we use it too.

Instagram is quickly overtaking many other sites, and it’s definitely an AWESOME avenue for inspiration in the Design world! We have never before been so connected with so many wonderful photos and personal accounts, complete with captions of how people style, live, and learn. If you want to follow our favorite accounts, we have them listed below! Enjoy!

Janet loves @brightyellowdoors – a home décor page by a woman named Kirsten, that is filled with vintage, cottagey, chippy goodness. She also follows and loves @vintageporch – Natalie Kolter’s home décor page that has similar style tips and photos.

Katy follows @beckiowens – a home décor page by Becki Owens who is an Interior Designer and lifestyle blogger. Her work is amazing and so is all of the inspiration on her feed. Those houses!! Katy also recommends following @homebunch – an interior design blog as well.

Danielle would advise you to follow @mcgeeandco – a Home Décor store! The above photo is actually from their account – and not only does it offer inspiration, but you can also purchase directly from their page. Danielle also loves following @mariahdanielsen – an owner of a design company called Wander Design Co. She shares her real life experiences, while also giving real life inspiration.

Brenda’s choice is so Brenda, and we love it. Go follow @blessedmommatobabygirls – you won’t be disappointed. It sounds like a mom feed, (and it is!), but it’s also a mom who loves style and design, and shares her taste as well.

@lonesomepinemercantile is Reuben’s choice of Instagram follow – this is a couple building a home and lifestyle shop in Texas, and their style perfectly explains Reuben!

You can thank us later for all of these awesome design feeds – for now, go get lost in your phone for a while, and stalk away!

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