Interior Design – 2019.

Every year, trends come in, and some go out. Here’s what experts are saying about this year!

  1. First off, eclectic clutter is OUT. Like, picture Anthropologie on steroids. That’s what is going out. Experts say 2019 is a year of “uncluttering” and “reduction”. Picture Anthropologie tastefully done in each home. That’s what we are talking about.
  2. The bond of man and nature – this is IN. We see this becoming popular before our eyes – plant life, large windows for natural light, natural organic materials like wood, and stems, stems, and more stems. If we could all just LIVE in the open, great outdoors, that would be wonderful. So we are doing our best to get as close as we can get to this.
  3. Gendered rooms are going OUT. We see this the most in baby nurseries. We still love the occasional girly pink in random places in the girls room – like a rug, a throw pillow, a doll on the rocking chair. But bold blue walls for boys, and bright pink walls for girls, are no longer wanted. Remember, eclectic clutter is out.
  4. Floral patterns are IN. We are talking wallpaper, pillows, dresses, etc.
  5. Maybe one of our favorite trends, boldly patterned backsplash art. This is IN. Not just the white subway tiled backsplash – we are seeing more patterns!

There are lots more trends of 2019, but you’ll just have to come in to the office and talk to one of our designers! 😉 We look forward to working with YOU in 2019 as well. That, friends, never goes out of style.

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