It’s Merry in the Studio.

As her name portrays, Merry is a bundle of sunshine.

Our newest addition to the Studio staff, Merry started working with us this past Spring, and has been an amazing part of our team. If you haven’t been into the Studio to see her yet, she also helps out at our Markets, so stop in then as well!

Merry begins each day with exercise, coffee, and Jesus, and this must be why she is always bright and happy. She has a smile on her face constantly, and she lifts everyone’s moods around here! Merry also happens to be quite the baker – and if we could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, Merry would definitely win the gold medal for her “authentic” Belgian Waffles. Incredible is an understatement. And another fun fact – Merry’s favorite place in the world is Hawaii, and she believes everyone needs to visit at least one in their lifetime.

Merry’s style happens to be traditional with a hint of modern, but she will gladly give you advice on any style – not just her own. So come in and see her! Thanks Merry, for all the joy you bring to our team.

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