Janet’s Big Day.

September 30th was like a fairytale, and we are so happy for our boss lady!

Janet’s wedding weekend went so smoothly – and God couldn’t have blessed us more with the gorgeous fall weather. From faintly chilly and crisp to warm Sunshine, it perfectly complimented an already perfectly gorgeous wedding. Janet was glowing, the wedding party was so much fun, and the colors and flowers were beautiful – so “Janet”! Karl was so pumped to be saying “I do” to his bride, and that might have been the best part of all to watch. As the LJ team, we are super protective over our leader, and seeing Karl with such pride over his bride – well, we really couldn’t ask for more.

For those wondering, Janet had awesome help with every detail. Below is some of the great people and businesses who made her day possible!

Photographer: Elsie Jo Photography

Wedding Cake: Rachel Berchtold – Eli’s Coffee Shop in Tremont

Cupcakes: Jennifer Kieser

Flowers: Floral Designs LTD

Dress: Adore Bridal & Specialty, LLC

Car: John Hoerr

Pretzels: The Paisley Pretzel

Hair & Makeup: Gretchen Uhlman

Here is to the future for Karl and Janet – may God bless you always!


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