Ladies Go To Market.

One of the longest road trips – but the most thrilling as well!

Janet, Brenda, and Danielle loaded up to head to Georgia, and then returned a couple days later with lots of excitement and stories to tell! Somehow, the drive there took longer than the drive back, even though they hit traffic on the way home – not sure how this is possible but that’s the story and they are sticking to it. Any way you look at it, 12 hour drives are a tad long – the butt starts hurting and the legs get antsy. Janet drove almost the entire time.
Once they arrived in Georgia, they headed to the Market. It consists of 3 buildings, where building 1 and 2 hold home d├ęcor and furniture, and building 3 holds apparel, jewelry, shoes, etc. Building 3 is why the entire team doesn’t attend the Market – Louisa Jane would be broke. And don’t worry about the long car rides – the three ladies still got their exercise in – building 1 has 20 floors, building 2 has 18 floors, and building 3 has 14 floors.
On their down time – which was actually only one evening during the entire trip (otherwise they shopped till they dropped), they enjoyed a night exploring Atlanta. Ponce City Market was recommended to them and it was definitely a site to see! The ladies also ate at an amazing steakhouse called Ray’s, and another night feasted on some great Mexican food.
Of course, the three ladies have a favorite thing about Market time – Brenda loves getting new ideas and picking out furniture for the store. Janet is pumped about the new pillows coming from a fresh and fun new vendor! And Danielle loves the excitement of when the orders start arriving. Market is a tad overwhelming to her, but when shipments start arriving at the store, it’s like Christmas Day. However, the rest of the team’s favorite part is when they are safe and sound back in the office. Until next year, Georgia!


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