Living Through A Renovation.

It’s both an exciting time and an overwhelming time, and we are here to help!

Home renovating is one of the most thrilling things you can experience as a homeowner. Excitement mounts as you see the long hours of planning and dreaming begin to take form in your home with old walls coming down and new flooring being laid. However, home remodeling does bring with it some challenges – especially if you are living in the home during the process. If that describes you, we have a few tips to help you survive your home remodel!

  1. Pack up what you can. Although this may seem like overkill, you will be grateful in the long run! Think through the things that you will be needing throughout the course of your home remodel and leave those out but pack the rest in boxes and store them. The amount of dust that settles everywhere is one of the biggest challenges of a renovation, and any items you can pack will save you from having to deep clean them later!
  2. Create a sanctuary. It is so crucial to have an area of your home during your remodel that stays clean and put together. Even if it can only be one room, designate an area of your home in which you will not put any boxes or store any materials for the construction. Consider this space your sanctuary – a place to retreat and enjoy a sense of peace and “completeness” while the rest of your home may feel a little chaotic and “in process.”
  3. Stay on top of the dust. As we stated earlier, the dust may be the most challenging aspect of home renovation! When tearing down walls, replacing fixtures, tearing up old flooring and laying new, the dust quickly accumulates. Although this can feel like a losing battle, it may be worth it for your peace of mind to sweep and dust at the end of each day, even though you know it will be just as bad the next. We have found that this one attempt to stay on top of the mess pays great dividends in maintaining your sanity in the process!
  4. Take a break from the house. As exciting as a home renovation is, it can easily feel like it has enveloped your entire life. It may seem that every spare moment is spent picking out new paint colors or appliances and every family conversation revolves around the project. Take one evening a week to go out to dinner as a family and try to avoid talking about your home. Invite another family to join you, as you probably aren’t hosting much during your renovation! Additionally, one of the best things about taking a break from your project is returning with a fresh perspective and renewed excitement about your progress. 
  5. Maintain daily routines. This is such a key aspect of surviving a home renovation! Many areas of your life will be temporarily disrupted with the renovation, so decide on a few routines that you want to protect. It can be as simple as brewing coffee every morning and drinking out of your favorite mug or choosing to still have a family dinner together every evening (even if it means using paper products because all of your dishes are packed)! These routines bring a sense of normalcy that is sometimes rare when living through a renovation.

Ultimately, try to savor the process as much as possible! Remember that your renovation will not last forever and will be worth every sacrifice in the end. Don’t forget to take pictures as it progresses – when it is all over with, you will want to remember the stages and celebrate how far you’ve come as you enjoy your newly renovated space!

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