Market Recap.

Summer on Sampson has passed. And so has the heat.

But loved it we did. We went into the market with little expectations – and not only did Summer on Sampson exceed them, it blew us out of the water. We watched all the vendors roll in and set up, and we witnessed a community come to life right in our own parking lot. Each unique product and talent, combined with awesome personalities, made the Market unique to any other. And more than that, the network that was formed in downtown Tremont, was fantastic.

The heat of course, because let’s be honest – it was extremely hot, added another entire element to the day. But the live band, refreshing lemonade shake-ups, and fresh flowers made it all worth it. And on top of it all, one particular comment made our day, “I’ve never been to Tremont before!” Because if the event brought in shoppers that have never been to Tremont, then it was a success, indeed.

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