Meet Brenda.

The face of our office. And the best one for the job.

She’s our Accounts Manager and our Office Manager. She’s also the one we vent to, the one who gives great advice, and also sort of our office counselor. And we all look up to her in many ways!

Brenda is a great multi-tasker, but then again, that’s also a trait of Louisa Jane in general! Brenda is the one answering the phones, completing all of our intensive bookwork, and handling all the behind the scenes accounts – that no one else wants to handle. Next time you call the office, you’ll recognize her bubbly voice across the line.

For the rest of us, being a part of a team where the “bosses” are all family – Janet, Brenda, Darrel – is a little intimidating at first, but these three rock it, and we love watching their interactions and the way they lead effortlessly. In fact, when we asked Brenda what is one thing every person should experience before they died, she replied with owning their own business. It definitely would give everybody an entirely new perspective, and allow patience and respect to flow a little more freely. For more on this awesome lady, visit our Meet the Team page!¬†

Thanks Brenda, for all you do for us!

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