Meet Danielle.

Our persistent, behind-the-scenes, wonder woman.

Danielle came on-board our team over a year ago, and has been a gem to have, ever since. She trained under Janet, and then took off on her own – doing design calls to client’s homes. She loves the thrill of each design challenge, and she makes it happen – that trait is an awesome one to have around the office. Bubbly and outgoing, you can find her scurrying about, collecting tile samples, paint samples, rug samples, and d├ęcor to see how they look together for one of her clients.

Danielle is also the face behind our social media, and works Facebook and Instagram in a fantastic way. She has grown our audience so much, and continues too with her awesome posts, captions, and shots. She also recently took on the studio as her baby – so if you can not find her in the office, she most likely will be across the street, reorganizing, resetting, and redecorating our merchandise for sale. Our last two tent sales were ran by Danielle, and we are proud of what she has been able to do! The legacy of Louisa Jane lives on in those tent sales.

Her own sense of style is modern vintage with a twist of Bohemianism – and this is shown in the clothes she wears, her own bedroom at home, and her love of all plants. Her favorite part of being on our team is her ability to express her creativeness in decorating and design as she goes to clients house, and as she works in the studio. We LOVE having her on our team, and couldn’t imagine life without her. You can check out some fun facts on Danielle at our Meet the Team page.

Danielle – keep killin’ the design game!

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