Meet Darrel.

The one who makes things happen.

Darrel Ehnle married into the Rocke family about 20 years ago – with no idea of what he was getting himself into…or maybe he had some idea. We still are not sure.

Since then, Darrel has had a wild career path of his own, from owning his own heating and air conditioning company, to joining ranks with his wife and sister-in-law to help grow Louisa Jane. Darrel did not only carefully take the power tools from the ladies’ hands (although sometimes they still manage to find them), but he also is a business advisor, the “brakes” at times, and the voice of reason when we need it. Although, why women need a male voice of reason is beyond us.

To put an official title to Darrel, he is the Operations Manager and the Workshop Supervisor. His sense of humor keeps us all laughing, especially when we need it most! He is great with helping our dreams come to life, and he can build anything we need to make those dreams happen. Thank you Darrel! For more on Darrel, check out .


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