Meet Our General Manager.

If you know Brad personally, you know he’s pretty terrific.

Our LJ crew is continuing to evolve and grow. We have lots of amazing things happening in 2021, some we planned for, others we did not. Brad just fell into place on our team, when he came on as our GM, and we are so excited for the many talents and gifts he has to offer us here in Tremont. Brad is here to take a load off Janet’s shoulders, offer support, and be our new go-to person when we have a problem. With our different branches of LJ – LJ Build, the studio, the warehouse, and the design center, we needed a person to fit the role of managing them all. Brad is that guy! Brad has many, many years of experience in the business industry, and we can’t wait to see how this experiences blesses our business.

Brad is a pretty disciplined individual – starting each day with stretching exercises, and always showing up places on time. His own personal style would be traditional, and if he would build a new house right now, that is how he would build it! He is good at living life on the edge by risking running out of gas, and he thinks everyone should learn to water ski before they die. His wife inspires him to be better, and Janet has impressed him most with what one person can accomplish in their life. Brad last climbed a tree three years ago, and we just think he’s the coolest ever. Hop on over to our Meet the Team page to find out more about him!

Have a great week everyone!

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