Meet the Team

Janet Weyeneth

General Manager

The starter of it all, Janet is our beloved captain, and we are honored to work alongside her every day! She doesn’t really have a particular style of her own – she basically loves it all, even the word “style”.  If she had the opportunity to build any kind of house she wanted to, it would definitely be a french farmhouse, and she would definitely live in the old South with all it’s charm, if she could go back to a particular time era (maybe without those corset things though). If someone is coming to Janet for help, it’s probably a decorating question. Brenda, her sister, is who Janet would pick that inspires her to be better, and she loves getting to work with her, as well as the entire LJ team. She loves the collection of people that make it up, and seeing our excitement and sense of accomplishment when a project is complete! She is married to Karl Weyeneth, and they live in the cutest home.

Darrel Ehnle

Operations Manager

Darrel’s favorite part of Louisa Jane is lifting heavy things, and he would describe his style as “sophisticated upper redneck”. If he could live in any time era in history it would be the Great Depression, because it would make him realize that he already has more than enough. If he happened to be cryogenically frozen for 100 years, the first question he would ask after waking up would be, “You do still eat meat…right?”  When asked who inspires him to be better, he replied his wife, and if he had to choose someone who has impressed him most with what they’ve accomplished, he would pick God. Darrel’s sense of humor keeps everyone laughing at LJ, and he is definitely needed to build anything, fix anything, and of course, lift anything.

Brenda Ehnle

Accounts & Office Manager

Brenda’s favorite part of Louisa Jane is meeting new people, and sharing goals and visions with the team – the fact that she gets to work with her sister is pretty great too, especially since their lives took different paths in business for about 20 years! If Brenda was the only human left on Earth, she would totally go on a vacation, and speaking of humans, her biggest pet peeve with others is when they waste food. If she could pick something that everyone experienced once in their lives, it would be to own a business – no one quite understands the ups and downs and the back-ends until they do. Brenda would totally be a Southern Belle in the 1800’s if she could go back to a different era, but we think she’s the Belle of the office, and that’s good enough for us!

Danielle Hodel

Marketing, Studio, & Event Coordinator

Danielle would describe her sense of style as modern vintage with a twist of bohemianism, and her favorite part of being a team member of LJ is to be able to express her creativeness in all ways. She is living the dream to be able to decorate and design. Some of her quirks are that she is forgetful of closing cupboards and she also needs 10 hours of sleep a night. If she could start a hobby where time and money would not be an issue, she would travel anywhere and everywhere, and if she could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, she would choose thrift shopping (and probably win)! Danielle is an priceless member of our team, and we love having her on board at LJ.

Katy Irmen

Design Consultant

Katy came on board our team with immense talent, and we have loved working alongside her! She believes the best way to start the day is with a latte in hand, and her favorite part about being an LJ team member is working with so many talented people that have the same goal. Her personal style is classic, casual, rustic, and urban. Now THAT is style. She values honesty above all else, but at the same time, if she could change something about her personality, she would take a better filter. We do not mind though – her honesty is part of the reason Katy does awesome at Kitchen and Bath design! She is a jack-of-all-trades, and if you have not asked her for a design opinion yet, you are missing out.

Reuben Knobloch

Studio Design Consultant

If Reuben could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, he would definitely win a medal for getting distracted. He is both an introvert and an extrovert, and we enjoy having him around the office and in the studio. His favorite part about the LJ team is the amount of trust that is placed in each members capabilities to create. He would describe his style as a blend of Southwestern French Aristocrat, and if he could build any house he wanted, he would build a house that would be 2/3 kitchen space, with a greenhouse, and other rooms coming off the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home.  If he had the choice to be a jack of many trades or the master of just one, he would be a jack of many. “Life would be boring only experiencing one job. We have many talents – we just need to grow them.” Wise words, Reub.

Brenda Hartman

Studio Design Consultant

Brenda loves being a part of the LJ team, and especially loves the energy of inspiration, design, kindness, and “get ‘er done” that goes along with it! If people come to Brenda for help it would most likely be advice – with her God-given compassionate heart, she is a great listener. She is a huge asset to our design team and her personal style is basically, “if I love it, I use it”, but can also be described as eclectic and transitional.  Her motto is “variety is the spice of life” and that plays into who she is – definitely the spice of the office! We love having her around!

Julie Ista

Studio Design Consultant

Julie would describe her style as eclectic, and her dream home would be a capecod with a huge wrap-around porch with the interior designed by Louisa Jane. We can not wait to see this home someday! Before Julie joined our team, she was a vet tech for a number of years, and she still works as a nurse today – many people come to her for advice on humans and animals! We enjoy having a nurse/vet around!  Julie would love to get into horse back riding, and if she could travel to any time era in history, she would choose the 1940’s when life was simpler but modern conveniences were still available. We like having her in this time era though – Julie is definitely an asset to Louisa Jane.

Merry Sumer

Studio Design Consultant

Merry starts the day with exercise, coffee, and Jesus, and believes this is the best way! We would have to agree! Her favorite part about being a team member of LJ is the people! Not just us, but you as well – the other team members and all the customers that come through the studio doors. Her own unique style is Traditional with hints of Modern, and her dream house would be a sprawling ranch with sliding glass doors, a huge kitchen, and a Rec area/gym for playing games. This home sounds awesome to us! She thinks everyone needs to visit Hawaii at least once in their lives, and if she could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, she would probably win a gold medal at making “authentic” Belgium Waffles. She is a fantastic chef and baker, and we are loving it here at Louisa Jane! 

Clayton Walder

Construction Manager

Working at Louisa Jane has given Clayton the creative environment he loves, and this has become his favorite part of being on our team! Clayton is great at building things, and we love that he is a part of the crew! His own personal style is Mid-Century Modern/Industrial, and if he could build any house he wanted to, it would definitely be a tree house with an infinity pool. He is usually early everywhere he goes, and if he was cryogenically frozen for 100 years, the first question he would ask after waking up would be, “Is pizza still a thing?” As he continues to grow older, he becomes more and more afraid of winter, and he thinks a good age to live to is 91. We love his sense of humor, as well as his talent with a hammer and nails. Come meet Clayton if you haven’t already!

Bob Schultz

Shop Assistant

Bob’s favorite part about Louisa Jane is the fact that he feels a part of the team, and he would describe his style as country, which perfectly suits him! If Bob could live in a different era, he would choose the Industrial Revolution, and he also has the song “Red Rubber Ball” completely memorized. One of the most annoying habits that other people have is their use of cellphones at the table. Bob is our wise woodworker, and he can basically build anything!

Carrie Rocke


Carrie loves learning creativity from the team at Louisa Jane, and she would describe her style as “whatever works in the moment.” If she could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, she would likely choose talking – but we wouldn’t have her any other way! She adds life to our days here, and we are thankful for her! She does have a quirk – counting the steps she walks up, and if she woke up after being cryogenically frozen for 100 years, her first question would be, “which way to the bathroom?” To her, the two types of people in the world would be thrivers and survivors, and Carrie definitely is a thriver! Another fun fact about Carrie, is that she last climbed a tree the same day that she was asked these questions about herself – now that’s pretty recent! We love her fun spirit – it keeps us all motivated and energized!

Kate Russell


Kate has never climbed a tree in her life, in fact, she is deathly afraid of heights – even ladders.  Her feet are most happy firmly planted on the ground. Her personal style is a mix between Traditional and Modern Farmhouse and her dream house would be in the country with lots of land to plant trees and flowers, and the house itself would be fully furnished with everything Louisa Jane! Kate is a total introvert, and is most happy snuggled up with her puppy, a cup of coffee, and working on her laptop.  Her favorite part of being a member of the Louisa Jane is the people she has met and works with! She is always amazed at everyone’s different talent, and how it all comes together to create “Louisa Jane”. We have to agree, we are beyond blessed to have her, and everyone else!

Rebekah Wagenbach


Rebekah has painted all her life, and loves being a part of the LJ team because here she can use her love for painting, be creative with it, AND work with a great team of friends! She would describe her style as “comfortable” and her dream home is a beautiful beach house with a view of the ocean. Speaking of which, she believes everyone needs to visit the ocean at one point in their lives, especially at night when there is a full moon reflecting off the water. One of her big dreams would be to travel the whole world with her family – and the rest of us agree! We love having Rebekah on board our team!