Meet the Team

Janet Weyeneth

Design Manager

The starter of it all, Janet is our beloved captain, and we are honored to work alongside her every day! She doesn’t really have a particular style of her own – she basically loves it all, even the word “style”.  If she had the opportunity to build any kind of house she wanted to, it would definitely be a french farmhouse, and she would definitely live in the old South with all it’s charm, if she could go back to a particular time era (maybe without those corset things though). If someone is coming to Janet for help, it’s probably a decorating question. Brenda, her sister, is who Janet would pick that inspires her to be better, and she loves getting to work with her, as well as the entire LJ team. She loves the collection of people that make it up, and seeing our excitement and sense of accomplishment when a project is complete! She is married to Karl Weyeneth, and they live in the cutest home.

Brad Menold

Operations Manager

Brad’s favorite part of Louisa Jane is each individual here – he is awed by each one’s gifts and abilities, and honored to be a part of our team. If he had to pick someone who has impressed him most with what they’ve accomplished, it would be Janet! If he could pick any job in the world, he would still choose a management position at Louisa Jane – we are lucky to have him! Brad last climbed a tree three years ago, and a hobby he is interested in is Black Bear hunting. Brad’s style is traditional, and if he was to build a new house someday, it would be just that: traditional. His wife inspires him to be better, and in turn, he inspires all of us to be better. We are honored to have Brad as our manager!

Cassie Bohm

Studio Manager

Cassie grew up in Tremont and moved back to town with her own family in late 2021. She started working at LJ in early 2022 and has been an absolute joy from the start! We love her laugh and her modern coastal design style. The thing that makes Cassie feel like a house has turned into a home is when people put their own touch on how it is designed and decorated to make it theirs. This is part of the reason why Cassie loves working with customers and other members of the Studio team and helping people pick out the perfect products for their own homes. Outside of work Cassie likes to spend time with her family, she loves being outside and birdwatching, and enjoys photography as one of her hobbies. Her creativity is inspiring to everyone who has the pleasure of spending time with her!

Nancy King

Accounts Manager

Nancy is our accounts manager and started here at LJ in February of 2023. She says the best way to start the day is with a devotional and breakfast. If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would actually be her very own breakfast casserole. If she had unlimited funds to build a house it would be simple, functional, easy to clean, and have a wrap-around porch. Nancy says she is happy where she is, so the ideal location for the house would still be in the Midwest. Her biggest pet peeve is when people think their car lights are on when it’s foggy out. Nancy is very organized and does an amazing job of keeping all our books in line!

Merry Sumer

Team Member

Merry has been a part of the LJ Family for quite some time and she acted as our leader of purchasing and managed the warehouse. She has such a warm personality and she is a fantastic chef and baker, we could not be more grateful for that and we are blessed to call her a member of the team! She is currently undergoing trememt for Breast Cancer and we are praying for her every step of the way. While she is not at LJ every day right now, she does come to visit and is still helping at LJ when she can. You can visit Merry’s Caring Bridge Site (site to find out more and support her with us! 

Michaela Stork

Marketing Lead

Bio coming soon!……

Trisha Bumbalough

Design Assistant

Trisha officially started working at LJ just before the Grand Opening of the new store in the fall of 2022, but she has been a part of the LJ Family since the very beginning! She started as a customer, then became a volunteer at our annual markets and now she is Janet’s full-time assistant. Trisha really does it all! Before starting at LJ, she led a very successful nursing career. She has always had a willingness to help others and we are so blessed to now have her helping hands on our team! Trisha embraces eclectic style and brings the outside of the box thought whenever we need it. Her dream is to travel the beaches of the world and spend every day of her life relaxing. Until she follows that dream, we are beyond lucky to officially call her a member of the team and family!

Reuben Knobloch

Lead Studio Designer

Reuben spends most of his time working at the Studio. He has such an amazing eye for design and he is awesome at customer service. He began working at Louisa Jane in the fall of 2018. Since then he has enjoyed being a part of the buying team and bringing all the best pieces back from markets. Reuben also loves working in the retail space and he has a special gift for it! When he is not at work he spends his time thrifting, shopping, gardening, and cooking! Janet says that the whole LJ Team is made up of “foodies” and Reuben is easily the biggest foodie of all! He especially loves to cook velouté or anything sauce based. His ideal travel destination is Italy, which seems like a great fit for Reuben. His joyful attitude makes working at LJ even sweeter and we are blessed to have him here!

Kip Joiner

Lead Carpenter

Kip thinks everyone on the Louisa Jane team is just great, and that in turn, makes his job great! The last time Kip climbed a tree was 15 years ago, and if he could start any hobby in the world, it would be racing. The best way to start the day in Kip’s opinion is with a good stretch, and we can’t disagree. If Kip could live to any age he wanted, he would choose 800! We have to hand it to him though, with his choice of a dream house…it actually wouldn’t be a house at all, but a super yacht! Now THAT would be a dream! We love having Kip around – he’s a great addition to our carpentry team! If you haven’t met him in person yet, you are truly missing out.


Maureen Groth

Studio Designer

Bio coming soon!…..

Weston Feucht

Warehouse Operations

Weston is handy in the shop, and can pretty much make whatever he sets his mind on! He helps out Clayton with carpentry work, but he’s also our go-to I.T. guy. If something goes wrong with a computer, we know who to call. His height also comes in handy when we can’t quittteeee reach the top shelf in the studio. Weston is always early, never late, which he believes stems from early morning Basketball practice when being late meant running laps. If Weston could build his dream house, it would be a very practical home – plenty of storage, lots of outlets, tall door ways and counters. However, it would have some fun features as well, like “secret” rooms, a permanent wooden fort, and a large workshop. 

Randy Belsley

Warehouse Operations

Randy began working at LJ in July of 2022. As our special projects assistant, you can find Randy on many jobs, in the warehouse assisting Weston and helping construct the new LJ Building. Although he did mention if he could change something about himself, he would ask for more height so he could be a better assistant to Weston in the warehouse. While he is here and there, and let’s be real -everywhere, that is his favorite part of Louisa Jane. He loves the variety of work and that no day is the same. His family is his biggest support team, he loves good ol’ BBQ Chicken Pizza from Monicals and is an avid runner. Randy is an extremely awesome new member of the team!


Annette Jones

Studio Designer

 Annette is an organized, go getter planner who joined the Studio Team in August of 2022. She is merchandising her heart out in the store! When she is not working in the Studio, you can find her volunteering at the Share Closet or traveling. Annette thinks everyone should visit and experience Italy at least once in their lives. She would live there, if she could! Overall, Annette is God loving, fearless women, who has a heart of gold. We are so blessed to have her on our team!


Stacey Shipton

Studio Designer

Stacey is a familiar warm soul that brings so much talent to our Studio team as a Studio Designer. Her gift for design and style didn’t just start here- She once owned her own mobile clothing and jewelry boutique called “First of May”. You usually can find Stacey strutting in style in her own handmade jewelry, or with a power tool redoing furniture as a hobby! Stacey loves to sing, loves her family dearly, and lets just add…loves to shop! We’re so blessed to have her on our team! 


Ravonda Jeckel

Studio Designer

Bio coming soon!…….