Mood Board Series I.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Have you ever heard the term “mood board”? If you have, we are guessing you are 1. a designer or 2. worked with a designer. The term mood board can actually relate to any creative field – interior design, graphic design, floral design, etc. A mood board is simply an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. that is intended to get a particular style across, and evoke creativity.

The most popular place to have mood boards today, is Pinterest. The site makes it quite easy to compile photos and pieces of text together into one board. When this happens, our job as a designer becomes easier. We simply can take a look at the particular mood board, and we get a good idea of what our client is going for.

In this blog series, we will highlight the mood boards of each of our team members! We hope this allows you not only a sneak peek into a mood board, but also a great idea of LJ’s personal style.

Danielle’s mood board allows us to take away these three words: moody, southwest, vintage. She loves natural light, and thrifty finds. Her style is eclectic, but everything flows together well. Nature elements appear here and there – floral pics and green plants. We know from these photos that she loves to take the old and create the new. And if any of you know Danielle personally, this describes her perfectly!

We will be back with more mood boards!

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