Mood Board Series II.

Get a glimpse into Katy’s style!

Today, we feature another member of the LJ team’s mood board! Mood boards are not only a helpful tool in planning for and executing interior design but are also a great way to solidify your own personal style. Getting a peak into another designer’s mood board is such a fun opportunity to get to know them better as a person, as well as to gain inspiration for your own next project!

Katy’s mood board features her love of warm neutral wood tones, mixed with white and dark accents. She likes to keep it casual, as she wants the space to feel lived-in and relaxing.  In her designs, Katy also likes to think about which pieces and colors will last, bringing in an element of class. She is also drawn to the rustic look, partly because she has two boys and knows that things tend to get a little dinged up anyways! Katy also loves to incorporate some urban influence in her designs, as she appreciates the clean lines and minimal fuss.

Katy gains most of her inspiration from her clients themselves. She loves to hear their story and how they want to live in their space. Their home must be a reflection of who they are, not simply an attempt to chase current trends. Every space is different and presents a new challenge. Katy feels that this is one of the most exciting parts of her job.

This is what makes a designer an excellent one: the ability to see things not only for their beauty and visual appeal, but to also take into account functionality as well as the individuality of the client.

We look forward to sharing more mood boards with you soon, and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on each one. Have a great week!

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