Mood Board Series IV.

Our last of the mood board series – and he’s extra moody.

Not moody as in the emotional kind – but if you know Reuben you know what we mean. Edgy, eclectic…you know what we are speaking of.

At Louisa Jane, we love bouncing ideas off each other and gaining inspiration from the style ideals of each member of the team. As is the case with so many areas in life, each person’s individual style is constantly evolving. For this reason, mood boards encourage us to continue exploring and experimenting with our own decorating endeavors. We find that we also mentally store away elements that appeal to us and ideas that excite us
to come back to for inspiration, and mood boards are a great way to do that!

Reuben would describe his style as moody and eclectic, encouraging a sense of individualism in each of the spaces he curates. He is a big fan of traveling (he is all about those spontaneous weekend trips!) and this is reflected in his style and brought out in inspiration he gathers from time away.

Maximalism is a style that he readily embraces and he is not afraid of bringing many different pieces and colors into harmony in one space. The goal is to incorporate vintage pieces and celebrate the story behind them, while still maintaining an edgy overall style for the space. One key element of Reuben’s approach to design is his love for pulling people together, celebrating stories and enjoying community. He is drawn to spaces that would invite just that – whether it be a well-spread table, or an inviting sitting room with walls and bookshelves full of experiences waiting to be shared. We love this trait about him – he continually brings our team together because of this as well!

Would you consider your style preference to be that of a maximalist or a minimalist? How does that play out in your home? We would love to hear your thoughts. Stay heathy out there, friends!

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