Our Donut Guy.

A jack-of-many-trades, meet our Reub.

Our Assistant Studio Director to Danielle, Reuben came on board our team with lots of other talents. He is known for bringing little bits of this and that – design, food, clothing. Reuben sees the beauty in everything, and he loves to share it with everyone else. He is the one who brings cookies, muffins, scones to our meetings, and random new drinks he saw in the store.

He helps Danielle with the studio, resetting, working the register, and helping her with all of our events! On the side, Reuben also runs a wedding planning company – catering weddings and also being the florist, decorator, basically everything. A Jack-of-all-trades, he always says,
“Life would be boring only experiencing one job. We have many talents – we just need to grow them.”

If Reuben could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, he would definitely win a medal for getting distracted. He is both an introvert and an extrovert, and we enjoy having him around the office and in the studio. His favorite part about the LJ team is the amount of trust that is placed in each members capabilities to create. Read more about him at our Meet the Team page, or come in and meet him in person!

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